Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I am looking for your thoughts and opinions on the questions that keep me awake at night.  Okay, they don't really keep me up, but they are on my brain.  I would love to hear you answers.  Yes, someone is asking you to give your opinion--go for it!

1.  What color trends do you think are up and coming in decor?

2.  Over burlap?  What style trends do you see in the future? French? Back to shabby? Garden themes?

3.  Furniture--do you want old pieces with character and history, newer Pier One type pieces, painted or natural?

4.  Where is the hippest, happeningist place in the US that is on top of decor trends?

5.  Blogs--do you like the read more here format or do you tend to not read more when given that option?

Thanks in advance--should be fun to see your answers!


  1. You happened to hit on my least favourite thing ... "read more" blogs. I like to just have the post right there for me to read ... not have to go into it. It makes it easier to to go thru older posts.

    Oh ... and I love furniture with character.

  2. I am definitely over burlap - too scratchy and overused but I don't think I am a good predictor of future trends. I just like what I like. But am definitely not a fan of the read more option. I only click over if it is something I am really really interested in.

  3. Not good at predicting color trends...they change so fast. Pretty much over burlap! As for furniture...I'm just about to decide to paint some of my old pieces so I guess painted. I guess I feel like my fellow midwest bloggers keep me up on trends. I don't mind the "read more"....If the project is good, I'll click, but I'd prefer to just have it all right there!

  4. I still love burlap and feed sacks, but more as a niche item than general decor. I'm sure it will wane in popularity soon...it's so everywhere isn't it?

    I'm loving super pale grayish blue right now. BM Wyeth Blue I think I saw recently...


  5. I am not a decorator first and just warning. I don't like the new in color of orange. I still like the teal blue color. I have seen alot of gray, white, black. Not sure I will go that way but it looks nice with all kinds of colors thrown in.
    Definetly cozy vs. new furniture. I would love to have new myself, hah.
    Read more.......sometimes but not always do I go for more.
    I have no idea where it is all happening these days.....I live a somewhat boring life......maybe on the blogs.

  6. I don't tend to use burlap at all as it doesn't fit in with my decor at all.

    As for "Read More" blogs, I don't tend to ever click through. I have a lot blogs I follow and I would rather be able to see it all at once. That goes especially for the rss feeds. If it is something that I really like I will click through, but still only after I have seen the entire post.

  7. 1. color trends? I think the washed out pales are on their way out (they're sort of peaking right now) and rich jeweltones are coming back.
    2. burlap? I think it came on strong during the bad economy, in part because it was inexpensive. It never really 'fit' well for anything but the occasional wreath or mantel decor for me. I saw chairs upholstered with it, but who wants to sit on that? I think the economy will improve and burlap will go g'bye-bye for another twenty years.
    3. patina or no? Give me beautiful character, but I don't like worn upholstery, just for hard finishes.
    4. I think that anyone with an internet connection can stay with, if not ahead of, the curve, stylistically speaking. I think we're too global to pin down one location. (Although, I must say, I was in Denver recently and went to IKEA. If that's what Scandinavians are up to generally, I'd tip my hat that way.)
    5. I hate to have to click for more information "after the jump". I wanna read it right now. I think this is a blog design trend headed for a backfire, and I won't be changing Sassafras Salvation to that style in any hurry.

    Good questions, Becky!

  8. I throughly enjoyed reading everyones comments because I feel a little lost at times making things for my store. I usually just do what I want and the heck with the trends. Maybe not business savvy but super fun. I get bored with the blogs that show all of their white stuff over and over. I visit but never join. I don't like the new blog styles and refuse to change mine. And I never understood the fascination with burlap, lol. I own boring hard wood furniture that people wow about when they enter my home but I love the fun stuff you do and would rather have that if I really had a choice in the matter (I don't really). There you have it in a nutshell.

  9. 1. No idea on color trends :) I'm not very trendy! (I really don't like orange at all!)
    2. I like seeing burlap on blogs--but it never quite ended up high enough on the project list for me.
    3. Pieces with character and history! Always have loved them, and probably always will.
    4. Ummm no idea on that one, either :) We live on a farm, whatever fits with dogs, cats, sheep, goats, and bummer lambs in the house is our 'style trend'.
    5. I don't have time to click through--so I don't go there. I ALWAYS read blogs that come directly to my email, though. It's hard to keep track of the ones I have to consciously visit on the internet.

  10. 1. Color trends--neutral with easy splashes of color

    2. Burlap? Never! I predict neutrals with texture.

    3. Furniture--anything goes--whatever you love and is useful for your lifestyle and space.

    4. Hip? I'm not so I have no clue. I do consider myself to be a bit of a minimalist. I don't like clutter. It makes me crazy.

    5. Blogs--Read here. Here are a couple of opinions about blogs--I hate seeing twenty pictures of somebody's dresser or kid or whatever. A few pictures are enough. Also--I may be in the minority here--I don't like linky parties. I read a blog because of that blogger's style. I will click if there's a link to another blog if I am interested. I just don't want to see 300 links!

  11. I'm far from any sort of design predictor, so I will skip right to the last questions. My preference is to not click. I like it all to come up on the page. I'm usually a reader, and actually read the posts, but if I didn't want to I could scroll and see the photos.



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