Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Under $100 Linky Party

Wow, summer officially hit and we have had record heat and LOW humidity and fires everywhere already.  I do not ever remember a fire season this early in Montana.
And there are fires in so many other states.  Please keep those who are fighting these fires in your prayers--they do some intense work! (Photo by Jeff Krogstad)
I have a few friends who are in a fire area and they have valuables packed by the door ready to go if evacuated.  Definitely gets you thinking, if you had 15 minutes to evacuate your home, what would you grab?  For me it is photos, momentos, those things that have meaning and can't be replaced.  As much as I love junking, building, my computer--none of those things came to my mind as something I would need to save. 

Now, I don't have a good segue into our linky party--you have a glimpse into my brain--it bounces everywhere!  I guess I can say here are some HOT links from last week!
Fabulous finishes Lake Girl Paints is creating.
Kids will adore these from Red Tart Art.
It's Just Me picked this up for a buck!
OM Goodnes, yum from Saving 4 Six.
A Girl and a Brush--beautiful chair
DSC 0147 001 Just a Chair
I adore lavender--Condo Blues shares how to make essential oil.
Sweet party parasol lights from Jellyfish Jelly.

Thanks for linking up and for sharing you with us :) !!
Under $100 Linky Guidelines:
1. Please link to the specific post, not your blog!
2. Please only post ideas that cost $100 or less--it would be great if you share the cost of your project, but not necessary.
3. Please include a brief description in link up.
4. Grab my Under $100 button on the sidebar and include it in your post or a link to Beyond the Picket Fence so people can find you and more great ideas.
5. Please check and make sure your link works. If it doesn't you can delete it and try again.
6. Please no direct links to sales sites, i.e. ETSY or just a plain ol' commercial site, we are looking for inexpensive ideas we can recreate.


  1. Thanks so much for hosting, Becky ~ have a great week! hugs, mb

  2. Thanks for hosting this link up. Great blog I love your header.

  3. Fire is so scary... hope everyone is safe and sound and the fires are over soon.

    Great features - thank you for hosting!


  4. Been seeing about the fires all over the news for several days now, scary stuff. Prayers are with everyone being affected. Hope we're not in for another drought this year, temps hit 104 here yesterday, today 103.
    First time linking up to your party~Thanks so much for hosting!
    Have a great week.

  5. Thank you so much for featuring my chair!

  6. Hey Becky! Thanks for the party. Hope your day was great!

  7. Ooops commented on the wrong post! Thanks for the feature :-)


  8. Those fires are terrifying - praying for downpours of rain
    Many thanks for hosting - fantastic features - I especially
    love the chair -
    Off to browse

  9. Thank you for featuring my Parasol Lights. My first feature on BTPF, how exciting!

  10. Wow...Interesting-ly my kids and I were just having a conversation last night about what we would take if there was a fire. Really helps to give "things" a new perspective doesn't it??? I should probably resume my junk sorting today while I'm still thinking in that "perspective" ;) I will definitely be praying for those fighting the fires...and those waiting to stay or go!! Thanks for hosting, Laurel

  11. Hello! Thanks for another link party. I linked up my Skinny Orange Julius (#106 ) that is easy to make, tasty and good for you! And perfect during these hot summer days. Hope you like enjoy!

  12. the fires are so scary! I hope that they all are under control very soon. I don't know how the heroes fight the fires in that intense heat.

    Thanks for hosting this fabulous party Becky!


  13. Thnaks for hosting Becky! Hope everyone is keeping safe this summer - especially our bloggy friends in the fire areas. Hugs Heather :)

  14. Thanks for hosting, Becky. Stay safe and cool this weekend.

  15. Thank you for the party and I will send humid, damp thoughts your way. I'm in fire prone los angeles so I know what you mean.

  16. I gotta get me a crate of little drink umbrellas. I keep seeing cute ideas with them besides in drinks!



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