Friday, June 1, 2012

My Strange Addiction

Apparently I have acquired a new addiction, or someone keeps sticking these things in my garage--old metal tool boxes.
vintage toolboxes with great patinas
Look at their fantastic colors and patinas,
turquoise patina on a metal toolbox

toolbox, planter, repurposed,
and their unique features like this domed lid and ID number on this turquoise one:
id number on a vintage toolbox
And they are filled with rusty, crusty goodies!
rust, junk, toolbox,

rust, junk, toolbox,

junk, rust, toolbox,

rusty junk in an old metal toolbox
I will be doing a few different projects with these beauties, keeping the turquoise one for myself.
patina, rust, toolbox, planter, beyond the picket fence,
I planted in the yellow one--a little rosemary, some flowers, and a few rocks and driftwood in the top.
toolbox planter, rust, metal, industrial,

rusty toolbox, planter, repurposed, flowers, may day,


  1. Love the blue one Becky and I love what you did with the yellow one. Flowers are perfect in there!

  2. What a great idea!! I just love all these things you come up with!

  3. Nice bright colours, love them!

  4. oh me too me too! I'm drooling over yours! perfect rounded shape, great colors, rounded edges....ahhh dreamy - who would have thought we'd think that about tool boxes! xo

  5. LOL...I love them too!! Great idea to put them in the garden!!
    PS: I pinned it to my Garden ARt Board.

  6. Oh, I love the look of these all together! Great collection.

  7. These are sooo very cool and how blessed are you to have them appear in your garage.

  8. I am a really big fan of all of the crusty goodness inside. Sometimes it's so much for value than the box itself. Cute, cute planter. :)

  9. Isn't the shape of the turquoise GREAT? And, the flowers trailing from the red one...PERFECT. I have a small red one in the garage. Methinks it should come OUT and hold some petunias. What cha think??

  10. tres cute becky! Love them all, but the turquoise IS the best of the bunch!

    have a good weekend,

  11. love the vintage toolboxes, I saw one today at a garage sale down the road. Didn't buy it, but now I am on a mission. Its red, so perfect for the Fourth. Wish me luck that its still there...

  12. I love them too a whole secret village of tool box lovers...Planting in them is genius!


  13. This is LOVE the tool boxes! I just found an old wooden tool box a couple of weeks ago - very rustic! I found an old metal tackle box on the same day. I am drawn to them, too!

  14. Hi kindred spirit. I love old metal boxes as well. They are simply beautiful!

  15. Hi, I just have to comment, because I'm on the toolbox addiction bandwagon!! I've pinned several in my junk garden board and have personally planted one in my dad's rusted out the bottom tool box which is my personal fav. Great post.

  16. I'm still kicking myself for not picking up a turquoise fishing box at a thrift store months ago. After seeing these I have to kick myself again! Lovely!

  17. So do I! Anytime hubby and I are junking and I come across a metal toolbox he will say "walk on by, you don't need another one." :)

    Just found your blog, love it!

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  19. Amazing patina on those toolboxes. I saw a toolbox painted a great shade of green at TJMaxx, but I have nowhere to put another container. I am going to check back there to see if it has sold (probably has) and if not, I will use it as a planter in my garden.

    thanks for the inspiration.


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