Friday, October 12, 2012

Chippy Table

I love paint, and now that I am an Annie Sloan paint convert, I love it even more.  Painting any old piece quickly is so easy.  And as I have said before, I do not make a dime off the sale of the paint, I just love it!!  It helped me transform this little Goodwill table,
 into a chippy little table with some character and new life. 
I used Old Ochre and CoCo for the detail, with a partial dark wax on top.
I didn't intend for it too be quite so chippy, I was talking on the phone and distressing it at the same time, multi-tasking strikes again.  I was distressing with a wet terry cloth, did you know you can distress ASCP that way? But, I still liked it.  The key with distressing is to not distress evenly. I cannot stress this distressing point enough--I see it too often, equal distressing, evenly spaced.  That is not natural wear and tear, that is made in China to look old distressing.

Yes, paint is good!


  1. This piece looks so authentically old; it's awesome! Love the addition of the swirl on top

  2. Your stuff always looks great after you've used Annie S. paint. I invested in 2 cans of it this summer and have had terrible luck. It might be the colors I chose to buy ~ very drab ~ a grey and an off white. Also, I didn't buy the wax. Can you convince me that I need the wax? That's another big chunk of change, but if it makes a BIG difference I'm willing to get it. Otherwise, I have two very expensive cans of paint setting here going to waste.
    Thanks for your input.


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