Friday, February 13, 2015

Barn Wood Coffee Table and "The Change"

What do you do when life (or a good friend) gives you barn wood?  You build.  Earlier in the week I did so much building in one day that I had a blister on my hand from the drill. One item I put together was this coffee table/bench.
reclaimed wood, barn wood, coffee table, weathered wood, mossy wood, Beyond The Picket Fence,

Sometimes I wonder if I am going through "the change".  I am getting older, nearing 50 and I suppose it might be inevitable.  Yes, I might be changing...changing my paint everything ways and instead leaving more and more items in their natural state.  After all, with this older age does come less estrogen which means I might be thinking more like a man and could be developing the, "It is wood, why would you paint it?" attitude.

But, seriously, look at this lovely weathered wood with moss on it.  How could I sand or paint it?
salvaged wood, reclaimed wood, barn wood, coffee table, building,
I couldn't, right? So I didn't.  This did start out as a coat rack/shelf.  But, the coat rack design was going to cover up too much wood, so after cutting all of the slats I decided it needed to become a table.  I connected the boards with pallet 2x4's underneath.  
reclaimed wood, salvaged wood, barn wood furniture, Beyond The Picket Fence, weathered wood,
I then added sides, connecting the short sides first, and then the long sides.
reclaimed wood, barn wood, building furniture, coffee table, salvaged wood, Beyond The Picket Fence,
Legs with a crossbar for more strength and stability finished the piece.  
Beyond The Picket Fence, barn wood table, reclaimed wood, salvaged furniture,
I didn't sand at all but, I did add three light coats of a clear spray to help seal the moss on the wood.
Beyond the Picket Fence, salvaged wood, barn wood, reclaimed wood furniture, coffee table,
Yep, my old lady manly self loves the natural wood.  Change is good sometimes! 


  1. Oh this is fantastic! I'd keep the moss, too ;)

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  3. Hi!!!!! I love it!!!!! Love the moss too!!!!!

  4. Your table look great, moss and all! I love anything made from old wood.

  5. This turned out beautifully, Becky! I agree...sometimes I love the beautiful old wood just the way it is!

  6. solid and awesome!

  7. Ahh naturally perfect Becky! Sometimes you just have to leave it and I think you made the right choice! But I love your colorful painting too. :)

  8. Girrrrlll... I am praying for "the change"... Anytime it's ready... So am I

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