Friday, February 20, 2015

Spring Ideas, Are You Ready?

Spring?  I know, for half of the country that seems like a distant memory, a fantasy that will never happen, less likely to occur than the chance of winning the mega millions lottery.  
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But, it will happen. It will get here sooner, or for some later.
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The snow will melt, the sun will be warm, and the green will start popping up everywhere.  
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Here are a few items for decorating for SPRING so you are prepared when it does arrive.
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A spring wreath, complete with a nest.
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Ready to ride your bike?  Let some Bike ART inspire you.
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Here's to warmer, longer days, green things growing, and a season of renewal and hope!


  1. So many beautiful ideas!!!! You definitely have me thinking spring. My favourite was the wreath made from bed springs - sadly, I've never seen bed springs available to use. :)

    1. You never know where you will find them Kate. I had a friend pick up a free piece of furniture beside the road just so she could steal the springs out of it.

  2. Your colors are a warm welcome this cold, cold, white day! I am waiting for spring with baited breath!

  3. What lovely ideas to get us into the "Spring" state of mind.
    Up here in NH we're expecting another 3 to 6 inches of snow tomorrow :-/ It's never-ending!!!!
    diane @ thoughts & shots

    1. It has been absolutely crazy in the east. Here in MT we are usually a little smug and laugh when other part of the country think they are getting weather, but wow, it has just dumped there.

  4. We're lucky here in the Idaho panhandle because we are having a springlike February­čśŐ I love your radish sign.

  5. Oh I do hope so, especially on this bitterly cold and snowy day (-40C or F with windchill.) The colours you use in your projects are very pretty.

    1. Thank you. Spring is usually one week in June in MT, but this year it has been the past 6 weeks. We have had 12 days at 50 degrees or warmer in 2015.

  6. Pretty ideas and I am really enjoying your snow pictures...not even a skiff for us this year so far...sigh...thankful we at least got rain though

  7. Loving it all, especially that bike! Come on, Spring!!


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