Saturday, October 15, 2016

Easy Side Table

I have been making (and selling) quite a few simple side tables lately.  They are quick and easy and just one of those pieces of furniture that I think people can never have enough of.
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For this table I cut 4 legs from reclaimed 1"x 3" boards.  I cut 4 braces from 1"x 1" scrap boards.  I have learned the best way to keep everything square and even is to cut a jig or board to fit between the legs.
side table, legs, jig, reclaimed wood,
I then use a board lying perpendicular to the legs, lined up with the bottom edges of the legs as a spacer board to help the shelf braces be the same distance on the leg. (Yes, I could use a tape measure to mark, but I find spacer board easier and more accurate than my measuring skills are, haha!!)
side table, rustic, barnwood, build it, reclaimed wood, farmhouse, end table,
After I made the legs or sides, I painted them in Raw Silk ( a lovely white!) from Fusion Mineral Paint. 
side table, rustic farmhouse, end table, nightstand, barnwood, fusion mineral paint,
I then added reclaimed barnwood for the table top and the bottom shelf.
simple side table, barnwood, rustic farmhouse, family room, fusion mineral paint,
The final step was securing a thin board diagonally on one open side to make this a very sturdy side table.
side table, family room furniture, rustic farmhouse, barnwood, salvaged wood,
Easy, functional with a great rustic farmhouse look--my kind of project!


  1. I absolutely love it! My kind of table. Wish you lived in my part of the woods so I could buy one from you!
    diane @ thoughts&shots


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