Monday, October 24, 2016

Pallet Buster + A Pallet Stool

Y'all know I love pallets!  

The number one question I get about pallets is, "How do you take them apart?"  And in my book Crafting with Wood Pallets I share how I use a sawzall to cut pallets apart. This method works great when you have two people and if you are okay with the nail heads being left in the wood.
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But, sometimes (ok, often times) I need a pallet disassembled and I am the only one at home.  And sometimes I don't want the nail heads in the wood.  In comes the PALLET BUSTER!

When I was contacted and asked if I wanted to try out the pallet buster and share it with my readers, I said, "YES!!"

I couldn't believe how heavy duty this tool is and how easy it is to use.  I figured out how to use it right away, but there is a video HERE if you need it.   I like to put my foot on the pallet to secure it and keep it steady.
pallet buster, pallet wood,
The pallet comes apart quickly and easily with the pallet buster.  After disassembling it, I removed the nails with a hammer.   In no time I had a nice stack of wood. When I have a fresh stack of pallet wood I am always so inspired to create!
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I have been making some Christmas projects for my 12 Days of Christmas posts (that start November 1st!) with the pallet wood.

I also made a few little step stools like this one.
pallets, step stool, rustic, farmhouse stool, pallet buster,
This is one of the stools that looks great tucked into a corner of the kitchen and comes in handy when I need to reach the top cupboard shelves. 
pallets, step stool, pallet buster,
So, when hubby is around and we have a large stack of pallets, we will probably continue to zip through them with the sawzall, BUT when I am working by myself or I need a few quick pallet boards I am thrilled to have the PALLET BUSTER to take them apart!


  1. Oh Becky, the pallet buster went on my wish list. :) Love the stool you made, did you do a tutorial on it?
    Happy creating!
    ~ Christina in FL


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