Thursday, October 13, 2016

Simple Pallet Table/Shelf

Pallets, your possibilities are endless!  
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And when a customer was looking for a narrow table/shelf, pallets came through with this quick and easy build.
pallets, shelf, table, rustic, farmhouse,
So quick, that I forgot to take process picture.  (Look through my blog and tutorials and you will find plenty of similar projects if you are looking for directions!)
pallets, rustic table, farmhouse, salvaged wood,
I used some pallet wood that was weathered and did just a little sanding to get the rough edges and splinters off, but still leave the weathered wood.  I finished it with coconut oil--which lets the natural wood beauty shine and protects the wood beautifully!
pallet shelf, table, rustic, DIY,
What have you made with pallets?


  1. Love the look of this! And protecting with coconut oil, super smart!

    1. Thank you. I love using coconut oil and after a week or so, it really soaks in and creates a great finish!

  2. Love this pretty hall table...and the coconut oil hint, too!

  3. I love this one lotsa bunches. 😊 The wood is lovely!

  4. I love this!!!! Now I'm on the lookout for pallets!!!
    diane @ thoughts&shots


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