Thursday, March 9, 2017

Pallet Wood Wagon

I enjoy being able to make gifts for my family and friends.  So when my sister had a wagon for her porch on her birthday list, I knew I could make that birthday gift wish come true.

make a decorative wagon from pallet wood

My old green wagon was the inspiration for the wagon for my sister.
Use an old wagon on the front porch
I had a set of front wagon wheels and a set of back wheels from a different wagon.  I am not sure why I had 2 different wheels and have no idea where the matching wheels went.  But, I like that they are different, it adds to the charm.
old wagon made from reclaimed pallets for the porch
I decided to make the wagon box the same size as my green one (26" x 18") out of pallet wood.  I cut five boards 26" long and two 16 1/2" long for the ends.  I screwed the long sides to two of the bottom pieces.  
use pallet wood to make a wagon
Next secure the end pieces with clamps and screw them in place.
clamps help secure the pallet wood to make the box
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Add the middle bottom board.  I wanted spaces between the boards on the bottom because I think my sis will put flower pots in it and I don't want water to pool in the bottom of the wagon. (Drills you see are the best.  You can get them HERE)
makita drills are used to secure the box bottom

Next, I secured the wagon wheels to the box.

secure a set of wagon wheels to the pallet boxWhen I turned it over I realized the back set was shorter so I had to remove them and use a block of wood to raise the wheels up.
add a block of wood to raise up wheels
I removed the plastic handle and drilled a hole with a 3/4" paddle bit into a dowel to make a wood handle.  I secured it with super glue.
add a wood dowel for a handle
I stained the wagon with dark walnut stain by Minwax (HERE).  I then applies a quick clear coat so the stain would not bleed through the paint.  Typically I paint and then stain.  But, I wanted to keep the paint a nice, bright white rather than off-white.  
use pallet wood and old wheels to make a wagon for the porch
I hope she enjoys using it on her porch-- I know I have fun decorating with my wagon through the seasons. 
reclaimed pallet wood crate made into a decorative wagon


  1. Oh Becky, this is super cute! :) I love that you put a wooden handle on it and the distressed white color is wonderful. Time to bust out my wood strips. Now, to find some free wheels. :))
    ~ Christina in FL

    1. Thank you Christina! I think these came off of wagons I turned into other projects, but not sure, haha!


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