Friday, March 3, 2017

Spring Porch Decor

My poor porch has been bare, naked, empty since I put away the Christmas decor.  It was a cold January and February and I just didn't have decorating the porch in me.  But, today I decided it was time to start with some spring porch decor. 

add spring decor to your porch a bit at a time
I started small, with just a few things to add some spring color.  I am not ready for flowers (fake or fresh) since real flowers are still a few months away.  So, I decided to begin sparsely and then I will add more as spring progresses. This is our breezeway porch.

I found the most rickety chair I had--this little one from a garage sale that had been taped together on one spindle and had another one broken on the back.
old chairs make great porch decor

I decide to paint it yellow, which was my favorite color as a kid, always so sunny and cheerful.  This yellow is called faded sunlight and I got it from the local hardware store in a Do it Best brand.  I sanded it a bit and then set a thrift store metal miniature greenhouse on it.  I put a nest from our yard in it with some fake eggs.

a sweet chair for the porch for spring
I hand-painted a hello spring sign on a round table top--one of those cheap, pressboard--the ones with legs that you screw on and then cover with a round, floor-length tablecloth.
hand paint a sign for spring on an old round tabletop
I painted a little of the yellow on the sign, and then some aqua and green.  
hello spring sign hand painted on an old table top
On the other side of the door I added a little spring with a mint greenish-aqua colored, old cupboard door with a metal bucket attached to it. I stuffed some plastic bags in it, a small piece of burlap, some moss, a nest with eggs and some branches that have tiny buds on them.  
and old cupboard door and tin bucket for porch decor
The branches are in a cup and I did add a little water to it to see if the branches might bud out. I think I will keep this for summer and plant in the bucket.
an old cupboard door and metal tin makes a great planter
I know, the whole porch looks a wee-bit sparse right now, but as I said, I wanted to add things piece by piece as we ease into spring.  I also know we will have more snow and such so I need to use things that will weather well.
add a little spring decor and color to your porch
Now to get the pallet wood Christmas tree and red snowshoes off my other porch...


  1. Cozy, cute, comfortable porch. It'll be nice when it's warm enough to sit out there & just relax.

    1. Thanks, yes it will! I love having morning coffee here in the summer. I will add more seating when it gets warmer.

  2. The little yellow chair adds such a lovely pop of sunshine to the porch Becky. Wishing you a beautiful Spring, when she arrives ;-)


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