Sunday, September 22, 2019

Sunday Verses

devotional on asking why things happen
Happy Sunday! For the most part, we tend to be logical people. We like order and want there to be cause and effect in our lives, we like reason. We want to know why things happen the way they do and we spend inordinate amounts of time asking and trying to figure out why. And, that is okay. It is okay to ask and wonder why. The problem comes when we assume we know why, when we inaccurately blame a cause, when we presume something occurred because we did something wrong. Sometimes--a lot of the time, we are not going to know why bad things happen. When we realize that life is not always fair, that hard, horrible things happen to good people, and we trust that God knows why, we can start to heal. Jesus understands, he sees and knows all, he brings good from bad, and he holds us in our pain and in our questioning. Let go of the why and trust the One who knows.

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