Friday, July 17, 2020

Rustic Farmhouse Bookshelf

Lately, I just cannot get enough of this old curragated tin.
Rustic Farmhouse Bookshelf
 I love the patina and the rustic, industrial, farmhousw feel it adds to a piece. (see it on my walls HERE and a jelly cupboard HERE). So, when I sold a cabinet in my booth and needed something to hold smalls, I knew a bookshelf with a rustic industrial vibe would be perfect.
Rustic Farmhouse Bookshelf

I used some old cedar fencing that I ran through the planer. It smelled lovely and the imperfections in the wood give it a great look. 
Rustic Farmhouse Bookshelf
I built the sides first, joing the wood with the shelf braces. I used screws to attach the braces, but a nail gun in other places so screws weren't visible.
Rustic Farmhouse Bookshelf
I ripped down a few of the boards and added them across the fronta of the shelves to give it a more finished look.
Build a bookshelf from old fencing
This stands 55"tall and is 27" wide (the width of the tin). It is the perfect size for many pots in the home--a kitchen for cookbooks and baking ware, a family room for books and media, a bedroom for blankets and photos. 
corrugated tin and reclaimed wood bookshelf

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