Sunday, July 19, 2020

Sunday Verses

Happy Sunday! I need to preface this-- I am not trying to be political or divisive with this post, actually quite the opposite. Our governor passed a mandatory mask order this week
 (as many other states have) and boy howdy, have tempers and opinions been flying. And in it all, I am saddened to see the accusations and assumptions that are being made from both sides of the issue. Why do so many of us assume the worst? We post conspiracy theories and accuse government officials of managing the numbers to control us. We call people uncaring and fearful, we assume one thing or another based on whether a mask is being worn or not. Even the ability to breathe in a mask or not seems to be decided by party lines. And in it all, I am disheartened to see so many people angry and so many assuming that people are only making decisions based on personal gain. The information is changing daily and yes, some people are being deceitful. But, please, let's not assume the worst and let's not accuse others who have different opinions than us. Let's lead with love and good, sound judgement rather than looking for and accusing others of plotting harm. Love first and foremost, that is what Jesus would do.

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