Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sunday Verses

Take Time to Pause and Rest
Happy Sunday! Do you know what renews your soul? For me, it is being out in nature, in the trees, on a mountain, or near water. God knew that we were going to be stressed out, overworked, burdened, and so he told us several times in his word to rest, to give our troubles and worries to him. When we try to manage our stress our way-- with control, overuse of alcohol, food, exercise, internet, anything we use to escape, anger--we do not find rest and renewal. God tells us many times in his word to come to him for rest, to get quiet and still. We are all facing challenges in these uncertain and tumultuous times. Let's quit trying to control tensions and pressures our way and let's give them to Jesus. Oh, and let's remember to practice kindness too along the way.

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