Monday, September 21, 2020

Easy DIY Coffee Mug Rack

I am not sure what it is about a good coffee mug rack that I love, but I do think every home needs one! I Not only are they the most logical place to store mugs, but a mug rack makes it easy to see and find coffee cups and says to guests, "Help yourself, sit, enjoy a warm cup of something yummy."
Easy DIY Coffee Mug Rack

This easy, DIY coffee mug rack took less than an hour to make.  All you need is a scrap of wood, some hooks and stencils.

When I say a scrap of wood, I mean a scrap. We did not bring any of my wood stash with us to our new home, so I am using what I can find. This 24" piece was an extra scrap in the back of hubby's truck. I painted it grey because I didn't think the natural wood was great next to the finished wood shelves. I wanted something that would stand out against the white walls, but a neutral color.
Easy DIY Coffee Mug Rack
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I used 4" letter stencils I bought from Amazon (HERE). For spacing when stenciling with individual letters, find the middle of the board and mark that. Next count how many letters in what you are writing, be sure to include spaces if you writing out a phrase. Also remember some letters take up more space like an O versus an I. Use a ruler and chalk to make either a top or bottom line to place the letters on. Start from the middle and using chalk, mark the outline edges of each letter before using paint. Adjust as needed before using paint.
How to Stencil
Use a stencil brush and DAB, DAB, DAB all of the extra paint off. and then pounce the paintbrush up and down to avoid getting paintbrush bristles under the stencil.
4 inch Alphabet Stncils
Using hooks similar to THESE I laid the hooks on the coffee sign and set a few mugs there as well to figure out the spacing of the mug rack hooks. I staggered the hooks and they ended up being about 8.5" apart. I wanted the COFFEE wording to be "behind the scenes".
coffee mug hooks

I replaced one screw in each of the top two hooks with a 2" screw that I used to hang the coffee mug rack. It is next to my coffee pot and is the perfect place to hang coffee cups for us and for guests to use.

Easy DIY Coffee Mug Rack


  1. This is so cute! I love COFFEE signs. My dream is to sooner or later have a COFFEE BAR in my kitchen. Just haven't quite figured out where to put one and how to incorporate it into the design of my kitchen. I need your help and creativity!!!!

    1. Thank you! Once you decide on the space you are going to use (the hardest part!), you will have fun putting things together to create the perfect for you coffee bar. Just remember to make it functional, use things you love, and think of using things in a new way!


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