Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Comfortable Casual Cozy Boho Bedroom

I have been waiting to share the rest of my guest bedroom with you because it is not quite finished. But, it may take awhile to find exactly what I am looking for and more importantly, I am learning to not wait until everything in my home is just right before I invite guests in. 

So, please, come on in and check out this fun comfy, casual boho style wall I am putting together in my guest bedroom.

Comfortable Casual Cozy Boho Bedroom

If you have been following along (if you missed it, check out my earlier posts HERE and HERE), I am working at creating a multifunctional guest bedroom with a cozy, comfortable, casual, boho vibe. I decided I wanted to paint something fun on the wall the bed would be on. I chose an arch, rainbow type detail.

Comfortable Casual Cozy Boho Bedroom
I knew the colors I wanted and after finding a comforter at TJ Maxx, I was able to get paint. Using Behr paint sample pots, I chose Toasty Gray, Cottage Hill, and Pink Sea Salt. I didn't want the same bold green that I used on the computer hutch and side table, but something in the same color family so I found the green I used on those and then went lighter in the same lineup.
Comfortable Casual Cozy Boho Bedroom
The rainbow shape is a throwback to my childhood. My mom gave me the rainbow bedroom of my dreams as a preteen complete with a rainbow painted on one wall. The other walls had wallpaper that said rainbow all over them. I wanted an "interpretative" rainbow in my guest room--something taller and more narrow and with only a couple, light colors. I started by using my yardstick to measure a yard from each adjoining wall, that seemed like a good width for my rainbow. I marked a few spots at 36" and then placed my yardstick along those marks and taped along the yardstick. 
Comfortable Casual Cozy Boho Bedroom
I found the center of my rainbow and tacked a string there about 5 feet up (I do have taller, 9 foot ceilings). I stretched the string out to the inside of the vertical tape piece and taped a pencil to the string here. I drew the rainbow arc this way.
How to Paint a rainbow or arch
Using a small roller, I painted the Toasty Gray first. When it was dry, I painted the pink stripe, using the width of the roller for the stripe width and then the green. They weren't perfect, I wasn't going for perfect, and I touched some parts up with a small paintbrush. 
Comfortable Casual Cozy Boho Bedroom
I knew I was adding shelves, so a perfect paint job wasn't necessary. I wanted the "rainbow" to be more of a background than a focal point. Placing the shelves outside the lines of the rainbow helped to bring them to the forefront and makes what is displayed on the shelves more of the focus. I used reclaimed cedar fencing for the shelves, sanding them and clear coating them, leaving their natural, aged patina. 
How to place shelves on a wall
To figure out where I wanted the shelves I stuck tape that was the same length as each shelf to the wall to visualize where they should be.
reclaimed wood shelves on a bedroom
 Using small, metal shelf brackets that I spray painted oil rubbed bronze, I hung the shelves. I made sure that the shelf brackets were either drilled into wall studs or I used wall anchors to secure them, I don't want anything falling down on guest heads.
Comfortable Casual Cozy Boho Bedroom
The shelves are not completely styled yet--I want more black and white family photos, maybe a plant hanging from one of the shelves, etc. I did display my vintage alarm clock collection, old books, a plant. I love to use little mirrors wherever I can to reflect light. A watercolor my daughter painted hangs from an old pant hanger. A little poster putter under frames, etc. helps to make sure they stay on the shelves. 
Wood Shoes Hanging on the Wall
I love these old, green, children's, wood shoes. At first I tried to set them on a shelf, but they weren't really visible. Ding, ding, ding--hang them on the wall instead. I nailed right through them and tucked some lavender and rosemary sprigs into them that I cut from my yard.
Comfortable Casual Cozy Boho Bedroom
The comforter is wrinkly and almost like muslin, which lends to the casual and comfy boho feel. I found a green pillow sham at the thrift store that I left wrinkly after washing it to again, give the whole look a casual feel. A fuzzy pink blanket at the end of the bed adds a little more color and is perfect for guest who need an extra blanket. I am still looking for a low-profile, simple wood headboard and something for a small side table on the one bedside.
side table in a guest bedroom
As shared earlier, I painted a side table I had the same Equestrian Green that I painted the computer hutch. I few books, a favorite photo, a lamp, a box of tissues all sit on the bedside table.
vintage print from the thrift store
I found this print that I love and that had hints of green and pink in it at the thrift store for $5. 
Vintage print
I couldn't find much about it, but when it has a tag with a phone number like this on the back, you know it is mid-century.
Comfortable Casual Cozy Boho Bedroom
We have already had our first guest, my mom. I think she found the room comfortable and inviting.


  1. WOW! Just WOW!!!! Every single thing looks awesome...I mean REALLY! Your talent simply amazes me. I'm still wishing you lived next door so I could BEG you to come over and redo everything in my house:) I love the touches of green and what you did with the rainbow and the shelves is absolutely perfect for this room. I know your guests will never want to leave.

  2. Your guest room turned out great! Love the paint colors and how everything ties into one another!


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