Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Creating a Multifunctional Guest Bedroom

If you have read my last few posts, you know that I have moved. And moving involved downsizing, which I kind of love. BUT, downsizing means that rooms, and spaces, and furniture all need to serve multifunctions.

 A guest bedroom is a perfect multi-tasking space and I am working at creating a cozy room that has more than one purpose. Even if you have a big home, I don't think guest rooms should ever just be reserved for guests only. Unless you have constant company, a guest bedroom typically gets used a dozen days, give or take, a year. Reclaim that square footage with multifunctional furniture and ideas. 

Creating a Multifunctional Bedroom
I am enjoying creating a room that has a fresh, cozy feel in a color palette that is new for me, a woodsy, warm green, a soft pink, and a neutral greige. Nate Berkus (who remembers "discovering" Nate through mama Oprah?) says, "It's important how we feel in our homes, because feeling good makes us more gracious. And that makes it easier to welcome others not only into our homes, but into our lives."  Feeling good in our homes means creating spaces that work for us and that reflect who we are.
Computer Desk Before Paint
This computer hutch is 10+ years old. Let's just say when I originally bought it (from Staples) I still had a home computer with a tower unit. I am not sure what I liked about this orange wood color, but I have been living with it this way for much too long. It worked as a TV holder in our last home and I always meant to replace it or at least paint it, but did not. Hubby used a large, old, oak Hoosier desk in our last house, but it was definitely too big for this home and it was always an everything out in the open mess. I decided this computer hutch would work great for him because he can hide his paper mess and the size was perfect for the guest room. 
Color Trend Earthy Green
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I painted this green that I think is an up and coming, color trend. I love the warmth and woodsy feel. I used Behr paint because that is what I have available to me in my new, much smaller town. The color name is Equestrian Green. I lightly sanded the hutch and then painted two coats on it and finished it with Minwax PolyAcrylic. I added new, chunky metal handles similar to these HERE.
Using Thrift Store Finds to Create a Cozy Ecclectic Look

Styling the top of the computer hutch included lots of fun thrift store finds. 

Vintage Watercolor painting
A large, rectangular basket holds extra blankets for guests. We do not have a linen closet so I am having to come up with creative linen storage.  Behind the basket I hung a watercolor from the thrift store. It is signed and dated 1961, which makes it all the more special. I hung it on a vintage pants hanger, which adds a little extra interest.
Vintage Eiffel Tower Picture
Another thrift store, vintage watercolor of the Eiffel tower is propped up against the wall. The colors are perfect and although I have never been to Paris, (I hope to some day!), dear daughter has. A green glass bottle sitting a top a stack of old books holds the cutest pink and green stems from the local Ace Hardware.
Make Sure Guests Have Your Wifi Password
I wrote out our wifi password for guests and popped it into a little thrift store frame. 
Creating a Multifunctional Bedroom
The pink chair, that is so comfy and cozy, is also from the thrift store. I will share the welcoming little spot I am going to create here for my multifunctional guest room soon. 


  1. love the look so far! can't wait to see the rest.

    1. Thank you! I am excited to share the wall the bed is on, well, once I finish it.

  2. Love this! It totally looks vintage and beautiful in green!!


    1. Thank you so much! I am having fun creating it and finding treasures for it!


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