Thursday, January 20, 2022

Thrifty Thursday From Foot Massager to Boho Garland

Foot Massager Makeover
Well, I am pretty sure this is a first (I know it is for me): a thrift store foot massager becomes casual boho decor.
wood foot massager from the thrift store

I have seen these foot massagers many times at the thrift store. This week I had and aha moment when I saw one and realized the wood beads would be perfect for crafting. For $2 I got 33 beads. Wood beads this size cost 50 cents to a dollar EACH if bought brand new. 

flat wood beads

I took the foot massager apart using a reverse clamp to push it apart and used some of the beads to make a casual, boho garland.

Make a Boho Garland from a Thrift Store Foot Massager

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

How to Update a Thrift Store Lampshade and Lamp

I always check the lamp shelves at the local thrift stores. There is typically a plethora of discarded lamps, all different shapes and styles. I recently refound this wood lamp that I purchased for $4 a few years ago at the thrift store (it got tucked away and forgotten). I decided I needed to find a shade for it. Because the lamp had a harp, which I like because it helps the lamp to stand a little taller without showing the bulb, I wanted to find a shade that would fit onto the harp. Often thrift store shades are the type that have the circle piece that fits on the socket part or the shade that clips onto the lightbulb. I found just what I needed for $4 at the thrift store last week. HINT: If your thrift store doesn't let you know something has been tested and works, you can usually find a plug in the store and many of the lamps have bulbs in them that you can use to the lamp before buying it.
thrift store lamp and lampshade before

I liked that wood on the lamp, but wanted a more organic, casual shade so I decided to dy some fabric to recover the thrift store lampshade.

How to Update a Thrift Store Lampshade and Lamp

Monday, January 17, 2022

Make It Monday Boho XO

Easy Boho XO decor

Today's EASY DIY project is something a little boho and a little modern for Valentine's Day, an XO made from embroidery hoops and embroidery floss.

DIY Modern Boho XO for Valentine's Day
All you need to create this is three embroidery hoops, the inside hoop, two the same size, one smaller (the smaller one isn't picture below because I had a change in project plans after starting), some embroidery floss--4 or five colors of your choice, double stick tape, and scissors.
supplies to make a boho xo for valentines day

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Thrifty Thursday Update a Wood Stool with Paint

Thrift Store Upcycle
My guess is that if you go into any thrift store at any time, you will find a wood stool 75% of the time. They come in varying heights and conditions. Ten or so years ago I would buy all of them and then spend too much time making them sturdy, painting them, and selling them for too little money. They are often wobbly and the many spindles on them can make them time intensive to sand and paint. But, if I find a good, sturdy one that is well made and perhaps a bit unique and that is a good price, I will buy it. Such was the case with this recent shorter, heavy-duty, oak stool I bought. 
thrift store wood stool before
As you can see it was probably used as a little side table and that is what I thought it would be perfect for. So some sanding, taping, and paint and I have a fresh, updated stool.
Update a Wood Stool with Paint
I did sand off all of the orange finish and the rings on the top. A couple of the rings could still be faintly seen after sanding, so I made sure to paint over those spots. After sanding, wipe rally well so the tape will stick for clean paint lines.

Monday, January 10, 2022

DIY Heart Tassel for Make it Monday

Make It Monday
Happy Monday! Today's MAKE IT MONDAY project is easy and perfect for Valentine's Day and only takes a few supplies to create--wire, wood beads, and some yarn or string.
wood beads and wire to make a wood bead heart
A wood heart tassel can hang in so many different places and has a natural, boho look that I love, especially for winter.
DIY Wood Bead Heart Tassel

Friday, January 7, 2022

Three Twists on a Simple Winter Centerpiece

If you saw my Make It Monday blog post I mentioned that I had purchased two fake cedar boughs that I purchased for 70% off. I separate fake greenery to make it more manageable and it helps stretch the amount that I need to use. So, after making a simple wreath (SEE HERE), I still had plenty of the fake cedar to use in a centerpiece. 
Fake Cedar Bough Greenery

I decided to create three, different, simple centerpieces with the faux greenery, some twigs from my yard, and a few thrift store finds. Each centerpiece has its own feel and vibe or style, but all of them are easy to create in minutes.

The first one I created definitely is perfect for farmhouse decor.
Simple Farmhouse Centerpiece

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Thrifty Thursday Temporary Eclectic Wall Hanging

Thrift Store Decor Ideas

Today's project started with something I almost left at the thrift store--a $3 bag of about 50 wood curtain rings. I actually did leave it, but went back the next day and grabbed it. I used 20 or so to make some cute ornaments this year, but still have a good pile of them. These are a pretty common thrift store find--look for them and get them when you see them.

Wood Curtain Rings
I am calling today's project temporary wall decor because well, it is. 
Use Curtain Rings to Make a Boho Wall Hanging
If you happened to read my post yesterday, I shared that we have some home projects in the works. These include removing trim, repainting walls, refinishing floors, and then adding new trim. Definitely an "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" situation. Because we just (ok, 5 months ago) moved back into our home after renting it out for a year, I haven't done much decorating. BUT, it was time, I couldn't handle the blank walls any longer.

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Creating Sunshine and Warmth on a Winter Day

Today was a stay at home day. I don't think it got above zero degrees and it was grey and snowy. I wandered around the workshop, picking up pieces of wood, trying to decide what to build and what to work on--nothing was inspiring me. I spied one scrap of wood and somehow saw a sun ray in it so I decided to make my own sunshine from reclaimed wood.


Monday, January 3, 2022

A Simple Winter Wreath for Make It Monday

Easy DIY Projects

Happy New Year! This year I am ready to share more EASY, DIY projects with you. I find if I set a day and deadline to share, I tend to do so more often. So I have dubbed Mondays as MAKE IT MONDAY here at Beyond the Picket Fence-- a day to share EASY, DIY projects YOU can make too. I will also be continuing with Thrifty Thursday posts. You will find that the two will overlap because what I make is often created from thrift store finds, like today's project.

Easy DIY Wreath for Winter
I started with a flat round basket from the thrift store. You have seen this before--I used it a lot last year and I embroidered it for Christmas (see HERE). I simply cut the yarn off to once again repurpose the basket. 
Easy DIY Wreath for Winter
I like the brown, organic feel of it, especially for winter. Other IDEAS to use as a wreath base instead of a round basket include a grapevine wreath, a wood embroidery hoop, a metal wreath ring, an oval or round wood frame.
Thrift Store Basket Upcycle

Monday, December 20, 2021

12 Days of Christmas Day 11 Retool a Toolbelt for Christmas

12 Days of Easy Christmas Ideas

If you've been around my blog at all, you know I love old tools so I always check the tool section at my local thrift store. The other day (HALF PRICE DAY, WOOT-WOOT!) I spied this suede and leather tool belt. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it, but decided since it was only going to cost me $3, it would come home with me. 

Thrift Store Tool Belt
It didn't take long for me to decide to cut it into 2 pieces so I could use one of the pouches for a wall hanging.
Upcycled Tool Belt Wall Hanging Pouch