Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sunday Verses

Take Time to Pause and Rest
Happy Sunday! Do you know what renews your soul? For me, it is being out in nature, in the trees, on a mountain, or near water. God knew that we were going to be stressed out, overworked, burdened, and so he told us several times in his word to rest, to give our troubles and worries to him. When we try to manage our stress our way-- with control, overuse of alcohol, food, exercise, internet, anything we use to escape, anger--we do not find rest and renewal. God tells us many times in his word to come to him for rest, to get quiet and still. We are all facing challenges in these uncertain and tumultuous times. Let's quit trying to control tensions and pressures our way and let's give them to Jesus. Oh, and let's remember to practice kindness too along the way.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Creating a Cozy Guest Room on a Budget

Moving to a new state for hubby's job meant I had to leave a job I loved, decorating and merchandising the antique place where I had a booth. It was a small job, and I only worked a a dozen hours a week, but I so enjoyed styling booths. I felt like I made a difference where I worked, that people enjoyed the displays I created, and that they helped sales. When people asked me what I was going to do when we moved, I would cry because my answer was, "I have no idea." I still don't know how to answer that question, although I am looking into some things--focusing more on my blog again is one of those

My new blog focus is sharing how I am decorating our blank slate home and sharing how to make a builder basic house a home with personal style on a budget. I am having fun and am excited to share new projects with you all.
Creating a Cozy Guest Room on a Budget

I am working on our guest room, making it multifunctional and warm on a budget. This cozy sitting area came together with garage sale and thrift store finds.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Easy DIY Coffee Mug Rack

I am not sure what it is about a good coffee mug rack that I love, but I do think every home needs one! I Not only are they the most logical place to store mugs, but a mug rack makes it easy to see and find coffee cups and says to guests, "Help yourself, sit, enjoy a warm cup of something yummy."
Easy DIY Coffee Mug Rack

This easy, DIY coffee mug rack took less than an hour to make.  All you need is a scrap of wood, some hooks and stencils.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Sunday Verses

Devotion on Having an Empty Nest
Happy Sunday! If you have been reading my blog, you know that I recently have undergone all types of changes--a job change for hubby, a move out of state, leaving a job I loved, and after 27 years of "in-home parenting", we experienced the sometimes celebrated, often times dreaded, empty nest. While I have known since the day my children were born that some day the home spaces they filled would be vacant, I was unaware of how I would receive that emptiness. It has not been an easy season and I have been slow to accept this transition. But through it, I trust God's truths. I know that life's seasons are set up by God and more importantly, I trust that he is present in all of them. God is in the waiting, he fills the emptiness, he sits with me when I am not okay, when I am unsure about what to do next. Whatever season you are in, wait, trust, be at peace, and KNOW that our Father who loves us beyond measure has a plan and a purpose for each of us. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Creating a Multifunctional Guest Bedroom

If you have read my last few posts, you know that I have moved. And moving involved downsizing, which I kind of love. BUT, downsizing means that rooms, and spaces, and furniture all need to serve multifunctions.

 A guest bedroom is a perfect multi-tasking space and I am working at creating a cozy room that has more than one purpose. Even if you have a big home, I don't think guest rooms should ever just be reserved for guests only. Unless you have constant company, a guest bedroom typically gets used a dozen days, give or take, a year. Reclaim that square footage with multifunctional furniture and ideas. 

Creating a Multifunctional Bedroom

Thursday, September 10, 2020

How To Style Shelves and Make a New House Feel like Home

Changes--as I told you in my last post we have had a lot of changes in our lives lately. One of those was moving 400 miles away to another state. With the move came a downsize and buying a new house. We chose a cute, builder basic, new home and with that came some fun, new home aspects such as shiplap and subway tile. But, a new, builder basic house means no warmth, no lived-in homey look, no character. I have been working at adding the "we have lived here for years", curated look.

The open shelving in the kitchen with the shiplap behind it was definitely one of the selling points for me (practical-to-the-core hubby didn't see it). 

How to Style Open Shelving
I wanted the shelves to be both interesting, personal, and practical or useful. I rarely have items in my kitchen that are just for decor purposes. I want to have items I can use, that serve a purpose, and that make me smile. 
Styling Open Shelves

Thursday, August 27, 2020

New Mantel and Changes

Y'all, it's been a hot minute since I have shared and posted. Oh, so much to tell! But, today I will just start with a few of the changes I have experienced this summer.

We became empty nesters and moved from Montana to Northern Idaho. Hubby retired from education in MT and is able to collect full retirement from MT (not enough to live on) and be a principal in another state. Moving wasn't necessarily the game plan, but Covid made it clear in about May that it needed to be the plan.

We kept our old schoolhouse in Montana (more on that to come) and bought a new, cute little house in our new hometown.

I am just starting to get it decorated and have more boxes to unpack (going from 5000 sq. ft. to 1500 is challenging, but good!). My new town does not have natural gas so propane, electric, and wood stoves are the heat sources come winter. We have a cute little wood stove tucked in the wall. 
It has a metal mantel that we are going to put a piece of reclaimed wood on that will make it a little wider and longer, but for now I decided to play with some thrift store finds to juuzsh it up (you know juuzsh, right?).

There are outlets, etc. above the mantel for a TV but we chose to make one of the bedrooms a TV room. I knew I wanted some wood, some texture, some color. I started with this this thrift store card table I found at a thrift store in my new town.
I used Wise Owl Furniture Salve to restore the wood's natural beauty.

I placed two wicker thrift store candlesticks on one side and two tall wood spools on the other side for symmetry, but not an exact match.
I silver tray tucked behind the spools and a thrift store paint by number propped in front of the card table finished the look for now. I will definitely be changing my decor on the mantel seasonally, but am happy with the flowers and bit of blue for now. 
I look forward to sharing new projects in a new home. I hope to inspire you to personalize your home. 

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Sunday Verses

Devotional on Practicing Trust One Step at a Time
Happy Sunday! I often say on my Sunday devotionals to just trust, have faith, rest in God, believe. But, how do you do that, how do you cross the bridge between saying and knowing how to be at peace and actually practicing it? How do we simply trust God and believe that He will work in our favor and on our behalf? We cross the chasm of fear and worry and the unknown one step, one breath, one day at a time. Moving forward towards peace happens when we focus on Jesus, when we repeat his words, when we talk to him, when we get still and listen. It is not easy and we often run back to the familiar side--to worry and fear. Let's step back on the bridge by telling God we trust him, by being honest with him about our anxieties, by keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus who sees us, knows us, and loves us completely and  unconditionally. 

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Sunday Verses

Happy Sunday! The saying, "You never know what's coming around the corner," certainly seems to be ringing true this year--catastrophic fires, murder hornets, pandemic, protests. Throw in my youngest graduating, my husband retiring in our state to go be a school administrator in another state (because he can collect retirement here and get a full salary elsewhere), house remodeling, moving and I have seen enough change to last me awhile. And I must admit, I have not been embracing all these ch, ch, ch, changes very well. Change is hard. It is uncomfortable and unfamiliar and scary. I know it can be exciting and adventurous too, but when it involves goodbyes, it is arduous. I have learned that having the right mindset can make all the difference. Learning to look for the positives, to see some changes as temporary, to welcome fresh starts, to quit fighting the shifts, and rather be content in our present situations takes mindful effort, but it is possible. The secret is Jesus--faith, trust, belief that his love is enough, that his comfort will see us through, that he is not surprised by any of the changes, and that he knows exactly how they will turn out brings peace to the weary and overworked mind. Contentment doesn't mean you can't mourn the hard transitions, but finding, choosing, and trusting contentment in all situations sure make life a little easier to live day by day.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Vintage Metal Cart Makeover

I have loved these vintage metal carts. I remember we had one when I was really little and then hubby and I had a aqua colored one when we first marries (why did I ever get rid of that?). So, when I spied one for $2 at a garage sale, I had to grab it.
Makeover for a Vintage Metal Serving Cart
It was in rough shape--had old contact paper on the top shelf and rust on the shelves. I scraped the contact paper off and sanded the flaking paint and rust.
Makeover for a Vintage Metal Serving Cart
I then used some paint that I mixed up a year or two ago, It was a combination of different chalk paints, maybe a little latex in there too. I think this dark green is coming in hot this fall as I am seeing it more and more on cupboards and walls. It is not the avocado green that a vintage metal cart like this might have come in. And it is not the forest green of the 90's. It has a bit more earthiness to it. I think that although navy is still very popular, this deep green is going to be replacing it.
Makeover for a Vintage Metal Serving Cart
One coat covered the chippy, rusty white. I lightly sanded the paint to smooth it some and then used a clear spray in a satin finish to protect the paint. 
Vintage Metal Cart Makeover
HINT--use a paper bag to lightly "sand" over the clear coat after it is dry to make it feel smooth to the touch. These little carts make awesome bar carts, coffee spots, or a microwave cart.
Vintage Metal Cart Makeover