Thursday, January 14, 2021

Reclaimed Wood Headboard and Moon Sign for a Rustic Boho Bedroom

When you buy a brand new home, you have a blank canvas to play with. It is fun and a bit intimidating to inject your own personal style to create a cozy space out of a builder basic home. 

A LARGE master bedroom means a lot of space to work with. I started with knowing that I wanted a dark, navy blue wall to cozy up the space a bit. I thought painting the wall three days before Christmas would be fun, so I did. The color is called Nocturne Blue (quite appropriate name for the bedroom) and it is a Behr paint.

Reclaimed Wood Headboard and Moon Sign for a Rustic Boho Bedroom

Monday, January 11, 2021

How to Create a Simple Winter Centerpiece

I love creating simple centerpieces and vignettes. 

How to Create a Simple Winter Centerpiece

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Sunday Verses

Devotional About Uprooting
Happy Sunday! A new year typically means changes for many of us, or at least trying to make changes. And while change is often positive and good, it can also be painful and hard. Real change involves honest, sometimes exhaustive examination of our lives and at those things that are no longing working for us or serving us. When we sincerely explore how we want life to be different, we usually find something that needs to be uprooted. It may be a habit, a belief, a relationship, a lifestyle, a past. It may have served us well, but now is the time to let it go. God does not want us to hold onto anything that he did not plant, that is not of his Spirit in us. Let's ask Jesus what we need to pull up and out of our lives this year and let's work, trust, and allow the uprooting and transformation to happen.

Friday, January 8, 2021

Using Vintage Finds to Display Photos

I do not have a home full of antiques, but rather I love using a mix of new and industrial and vintage. I do love finding and having small vintage goodies on hand.

I keep on smallish, plastic tote with small, vintage items in it to use in my decor that I change up seasonally or when I feel like changing things around. The tote has various things--tarnished silver creamers and sugar bowls, old teacups, rusty hardware like pulleys and hinges and tins, tiny baby shoes, wood candlesticks, old horsehair brushes, hand mirrors, glass bottles, etc. Always keep your eyes open for these items at thrift stores and garage sales.
Using Vintage Finds to Display Photos
I am not sure if it is become I am getting older, or Covid, or being an empty nester, but I am becoming more and more sentimental which means I want more favorite photos and memories displayed around the house. I like to tuck the photos here and there, not in frames. It is easy to trade out the pictures when they are tucked rather than in a frame and they are more of 3D display rather than a flat, on the wall thing.  
Using Vintage Finds to Display Photos
Small, vintage finds are a great, unique way to display favorite photos. These vintage, horsehair brushes (some are nail brushes, shoeshine brushes, hair brushes) sitting on my kitchen windowsill hold a picture of hubby circa 2nd grade, my siblings and I, and my mom and daughter.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Simple Winter Decor From the Thrift Store and Nature

Christmas decor is all put away and while the emptier spaces are refreshing, they also feel a bit bare. My approach to winter decorating is to keep it simple, a little sparse, white with a bit of evergreen. At the end of January I will add an teensy-weensy bit of Valentine decor, but other than that, the quieter, unembellished decor feels right for winter. 

January is a great time for thrifting and I will have an upcoming post on thrifting, but today I am sharing what I did with one of my recent thrift store finds--a leather binocular case.

Winter Decor From the Thrift Store and Nature
Empty binocular cases are fairly easy to find for a few dollars at thrift stores and antique places. I scored two at the same store, paying $3 for each. These would make cute purses, are great hanging in an entry with mittens or hats in them, are dandy holders for flasks and small cups for picnic or tailgate cocktails, can hang in a home office to hold mail or in a bathroom to hold washcloths--really the possibilities are endless. 
Winter Decor From the Thrift Store and Nature

Monday, January 4, 2021

Old Wood Level Entryway Coat Hook and Shelf

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a good holiday break, whatever it looked like. Ours was small, but fun and relaxing. 

Christmas is all put away and I am looking forward cautiously to 2021. I have lots of projects in the queue for our new home. One of those I actually finished before Thanksgiving--some of you spied my entry shelf and coat hook during my Christmas Home Tour.
Old Wood Level Entryway Coat Hook and Shelf

I am not sure why, but I love old, wood levels. I find them at thrift stores and garage sales.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

12 Days of Christmas Days 11 and 12 Adding Stencils to All the Things

12 Days of Easy Christmas Ideas

Oh goodness, we are coming in hot to Christmas so I am finishing up my final two days of 12 Days of Christmas projects with a few fun things I created using Old Sign Stencils. If you need a super last minute idea or gift, check out these ideas!

Stencil Thrift Store Ice Skates

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Sunday Verses

Devotional About Being Distracted
Happy Sunday! Have you watched the series Alone on the History channel? We have been binging this show, a reality, survivor type program where contestants are dropped off in a remote place with very few items. They film themselves as they try to build shelters, find food, stay warm, and safe. They can "tap out" or quit at any time, and whoever stays the longest, wins. Different things cause the participants to leave--hunger, injury, loneliness and boredom. I often wonder how I would respond to the quiet, to being alone with no electronics, no distractions. We are experts at keeping ourselves, our thoughts and activities, busy enough to distract us. Sometimes diversion seems good-- it keeps me from worrying and stressing about the hard things. But, distraction keeps us from paying attention to what is good, what is true, what is worthy. It prevents us from completely sitting with and fully experiencing our thoughts and feelings. I am working at finding those places and spaces, both in nature and in my thoughts, that allow me to pay attention to worthwhile practices and ideas--to the important things that draw me closer to Jesus.

Friday, December 18, 2020

12 Days o Christmas Day 10 Easy Ornaments Made From Blocks

12 Days of Easy Christmas Ideas
I am still tweaking my Christmas decorations here and there and decided I needed (and I use the term needed loosely) a few more ornaments. So, I went to my little craft stash (a few shoeboxes filled with junk, aka treasures) and found some blocks to play with. Um, oops, I didn't mean to spell out an inappropriate saying in the middle of the ABC blocks.
Turn Children's Blocks Into Ornaments

I knew a little paint and some beads and tassels would easily transform these children's toys into ornaments. 

Easy DIY Ornaments Made From Blocks

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

12 Days of Christmas Day 9 Easy Wood Wall Hanging

12 Days of Easy Christmas Ideas

I knew I needed a little something in this wall space between our front door and family room windows. Normally I have a lovely piece of art picturing the Montana mountains that hangs there, but the blues and oranges weren't working with my natural and green Christmas color scheme. 

I knew I wanted something natural, something temporary that won't be stored, and something with a rustic, boho feel. 
DIY Wood Wall Hanging for Christmas

This wood wall hanging is the perfect solution and took me 20 minutes or less to make.