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  1. Love your pallet projects and making sure to share with Blue Velvet Chair blog readers. Thanks for the creative inspiration!

  2. Glad I found your blog. I've been intrigued by pallet projects for awhile now and your blog makes it looks possible to create something beautiful out of rough old wood.

    So sorry to hear about you son. My son went to heaven on March 1st. It's a life changer. ={

  3. Found your blog by searching pallet ideas on Pinterest and loving it! So much wonderful stuff and great ideas. Blog love!

  4. Do you have plans for your coffee table/desk made from old 2x4's?

  5. Becky I love your blog. Just wanted to let you know that.


  6. Hey Becky,
    some great stuff here, in particular attaching the legs as you mention in your pallet bench tutorial is going to be useful in my own project.

  7. I absolutely LOVE your tutorials, thanks for the motivation to use all the old wood I have lying around the house!

  8. I love these pallet projects... I'm been starting to do the same!!

  9. Love all your creations! Very cool stuff. Can I ask what type of screws you use? I've ventured into making a few pallet pieces of my own but due to the wood being so dense, I end up stripping all the screws! I was told to use a square head instead of a Philips head but I notice that's what you use so I wanted to inquire. =)


  10. Thanks for the blog I really enjoyed looking through it! My friend showed me a great site that offers pallets.

  11. I absolutely love your creativity. I would have never thought to take an old pallet and convert it into a bench. Is there specific qualities you look for in the pallet? I would assume not to pallets which are water logged or have lots of knots in them. Do these flaws really affect the outcome of the project?

    George Puzo |

  12. Love your site great upcycling ideas its my kind of place! Adding you to my blogroll!

  13. Loving it.... thank you so much for sharing the wonderful pallet blog

  14. I wish that I were creative enough to come up with my own upcycling projects. It would be nice to use pallets to make some patio furniture or coffee tables. Unfortunately I'm not too great at working with my hands on DIY projects like this. Is there a step-by-step guide somewhere that I could follow?
    Andre Franklin |

  15. I really like the side table. It's really cute and you can store a lot in it. I want to make one now to go in my front room.

  16. I have always thought these pallet creations were really cool! I would like to make something with pallets sometime just because I think they look really nice. I just have never had the supplies to do anything super amazing.

  17. These pallets are amazing. I never would have thought of most of these creations. It's incredible how creative people can be when given some wood.

    Jenn |

  18. To think of all the times that I threw out my old pallets. This collection of pallet furniture is simply beautiful. I would especially like the cart side table, it would make my front room so unique.
    Cynthia |

  19. I really enjoyed looking at all your different pallet projects. I am going to have to find some pallets so I can try at least one of your ideas. I really want to make a pallet coffee table. I think it would add an interesting element to my family room.

  20. I love your style! Great projects and inspiration. Thank you for all of your hard work!

  21. What cute ideas! I never thought of repurposing pallets into furniture. This gives me so many new ideas for home improvement projects.

    Susan Hirst |

  22. I have been looking into a variety of pallets for myself. There are a lot of options to choose from. I really hope that I am able to find something soon. Pallets are really fun way to decorate the home. I cannot wait to find something soon.


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