Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Vintage Style Cafe Sign

Photos--they tell the truth and you see things differently when looking at a photo. When looking at photos of my house, the space above my pantry looks bare. I do have twelve foot ceilings, so there is a lot of wall space. I don't see it in real time, but definitely in photos so I decided to make a sign for the space.

Vintage Style Cafe Sign

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Yellow Checked Pallet Box for Spring

The dear daughter came home from the movie the other day and hubby said, "I grabbed some pallets and took them apart for you while you were gone." Ah--music to my ears! 
build with pallet wood

Having a pile of pallet boards ready to go makes creating so much easier. These are nice thick pallet boards.

build a centerpiece box from pallets

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sunday Verses

Inspiring Devotional on Forgiveness
Happy Sunday! Today is Palm Sunday. I would be remiss if I didn't share about forgiveness during Lent--the season focusing on Jesus and his sacrifices for forgiveness. Forgiveness is hard, especially when we have been carelessly wronged or hurt. It is even more difficult when the person does not acknowledge the wrongdoing. Whether a person apologizes or not, we are asked to forgive each other. It does NOT mean what was done to us was okay, but it frees us up to better love each other and to better love Jesus. Forgiveness says, "Yes, you screwed up--maybe intentionally, maybe unintentionally--but, I realize I mess up plenty too and I also need forgiveness." Forgiving someone is gift to ourselves and it allows us to better accept God's perfect mercy. 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Spring Porch Decor from the Thrift Store

Spring has sprung...well, at least the calendar says so. And because it does, I am slowly decorating my outside spaces for spring.

Anything I put outside needs to be able to withstand gale force winds, blizzards, rain, or hail. I do not like to invest too much in the spring porch decor because it will take a beating--thrift store decor to the rescue.

Spring Porch Decor from the Thrift Store

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday Verses

Inspiring Verse When You are in a Funk
Happy Sunday! Grey, gray--I am not sure how many shades (or spellings) there are, but it seems we have had a lot of them lately. And, as typical for me this time of year, I have been feeling a bit "grey". When March hits, I am over winter, but it is not over. I miss warm days,  and we stayed home during spring break while EVERYONE else was on a beach. I feel like I lack motivation...mwuh, mwuh, mwuh, mwuh (Peanuts' teacher voice). I try to be a look on the positive side kind of a person and thankfully, my pity parties don't last long. But, even when I am in a funk, I KNOW God is on my side. I KNOW he is loving and patient with me, gentle and kind with my bad attitudes. God comforts us now, is a part of our every day lives, and knowing that helps me to look forward to brighter days.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Art

We are on spring break this week, but stuck at home. I always get bummed seeing the fun (tropical locations!) everyone else is experiencing. We have been trying to do something new or out of the ordinary each day--ya know, a staycation. Here we are in Yellowstone (after sitting in the hot pots). 
Yellowstone National Park
I also have been having "spring break" in the workshop--playing and just having experimenting, not working on anything in particular.
Rustic Reclaimed Wood Art

I spied some decent trim board scraps in the corner of the workshop and decided to start chopping angles and came up with this art piece.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Chippy Vintage Style Sign

Signs, signs, signs--they have been all the rage for quite awhile now. And honestly, I am over the ones that have a saying on them. But, I am still loving signs that look like vintage advertising signs like this Fresh Flowers sign I just made.

make a vintage style advertising sign with this paint technique

Monday, March 12, 2018

Reclaimed Wood Desk

I have mentioned before that my middle kid is an architect student. He likes to dabble in my workshop every now and then. So, when a friend asked him to build a desk, he did.

desk pieced together with reclaimed wood

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday Verses

Inspiring Devotional on Being the Light
Happy Sunday! I recently finished reading the book A Man Called Ove. There are many great quotes and bits of wisdom in the book. One of my favorites is, "You only need one ray of light to chase all the shadows away". I read it as the last bit of sunshine for the day was streaming through the window and my dog was trying to bask in its warmth. What a difference even a small amount of light can make and what a difference one person can make in someone's life. We are called to be light to others. Being a light means we talk with others, share our lives and ourselves, love others. It doesn't have to be elaborate--a considerate word, a phone call or text to check-in on someone, a simple act of kindness. You never know what sharing a little "light" might do for someone.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Chippy Shabby Shutter Shelf

Chippy, shabby, shutter shelf--say that three times fast! I have been holding onto this dilapidated shutter for a bit now--I finally decided to use it or lose it!

make a coat hook and shelf from an old shutter

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sunday Verses

Inspiring Devotion about Changing our Attitudes
Happy Sunday! We are experiencing record snowfall this winter in Montana. That, along with many horrible driving days and below average temperatures, has resulted in a whole lot of grumbling on my part. I try hard to not complain about the weather because I choose to live in a state that has a lot of winter, but my attitude has been less than stellar lately. Last weekend I was stir crazy and we decided to hike to a waterfall that we have seen many times in the summer, but have never experienced in the winter. And as we hiked into the trailhead (because the road to the trailhead is closed), I saw familiar places with new eyes and a new outlook--it was good for my soul. Looking at life through a different lens and with an encouraging attitude is so good for us. God created us to be cheerful beings and knows that practicing being positive is great for our health. This week, let's try to "do life" with a fresh and cheerful disposition.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Update a Thrift Store Basket with Paint

Thrift Store Makeovers and Upcycles at Beyond the Picket Fence
Spring is springing, well sort of. While it is still snowing here in Montana, and we are experiencing colder than normal temps, the calendar has turned to March--the month that signals the HOPE of warmer days, some day, probably not until June...

But, with Easter being a month away, it is time to start decorating for spring and baskets are a perfect way to bring a touch of spring into your home.

Upcycle Thrift Store Baskets with Paint for Spring