Monday, November 30, 2015

Unique Gift Ideas from Uncommon Good

If you read my blog at all, you know I do very few sponsored posts--mostly because I often am not in love with the product someone wants me to share with you.

BUT, when Uncommon Goods asked if I would like a gift or product to review, ten minutes perusing their page and I knew the only hard part about saying yes would be picking something to show you.

Then, as if by intuition, hubby hollered up the stairs that we really needed a log carrier to transport wood from our wood room (yes, we have a separate room in our old schoolhouse for wood) to the wood stove.
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Ya see, heating in our new old house has been interesting to say the least.  No natural gas so we have three alternative heat sources.  The wood stove has proven to be our best source.  

So each weekend my daughter and husband take wood from the wood room, split it with the wood splitter, and stack it near the wood stove.  This awesome log carrier from Uncommon Goods is making that job much easier.

I love that it is made from recycled firehouse--unique and heavy duty!!
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I love so many products on their page.  Check out the custom lake cribbage board, the literary scarves, or the construction plate and utensils for kids

There really is something for everyone and especially those hard to buy for people on your list.  Be sure to peruse Uncommon Goods today! 

*This is a sponsored post:  I received product or payment for an honest review.  All opinions are solely mine. 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Verses

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Happy Sunday! Is there something you have been wanting to do, waiting to do because it is hard and scary? I think we all have at least one thing that we want to do, but we hold back for any number of reasons. Ezra felt the same way until Shecaniah encouraged him with these words. I love this motivational speech (and I think Nike probably does too!). I love that Shecaniah tells Ezra they are with him. You know, if we are going to do the hard, scary things, we need someone to support us. Surround yourself with cheerleaders, supporters who will encourage you. Then, remember to be strong, after all God is with us giving us strength and courage. And then, go for it, just do it with the faith that God is with you no matter what. Have a great week and just do it!

Friday, November 27, 2015

12 Days of Christmas, Day 7, Candy Cane Holder

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Today's 12 days of Christmas (that I had the goal of being done with by Thanksgiving--ho, hum!) is a special one because it is also part of Project Challenge--bloggers creating something with the same material.

This month's challenge was to use beadboard.  
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I created an industrial style candy cane holder.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

12 Days of Christmas, Day 6, Warm & Cozy Ornaments

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If you saw Day 5 post, you saw that I decided to change up my Christmas decor theme (again) this year which means I need some new ornaments, right?

Now, if I didn't do this on a budget I would not change my decor so much.  But, when it is all said and done, I will spend around $50 and that is a gift I a willing to buy myself.

I wanted some large, warm and fuzzy, Christmas ornaments for the tree and after a little thinking, figured out how to make some.
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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday Verses

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Happy Sunday! Ok, stop reread this verse, I will wait...How does it say we are made? We are made fearfully--which means awesomely and we are made wonderfully!! And y'all, deep in our soul somewhere we know it. But, we forget. We get caught up in this world and let outward things determine our worth: what we do, how much money we make, the number on the scale or pair of jeans, how our children "perform" and behave, the number of likes on an Instagram post, who we are married to, what our homes look like, how many times we go to the gym--all things we allow to tell us how good we are (or aren't). I have told my children many times, and need to remind myself--what the world thinks of us, what we do, how good we are at something does not tell us who we are or decide our worth. Those things can be taken from us in an instant. God tells us who we are, He tells us that we are precious and wonderful and priceless. Let's work on remembering that, let's see others and ourselves through God's eyes--awesome beings created in His image!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

12 Days of Christmas, Day 5, Table Runner, Pillows, and Towels

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Dear Family,

I really was not going to change the Christmas theme and decor this year, really. After all, I changed it all last year, and by golly, it was cute! (See my Funky Lodge LOOK HERE.)

But...I was Christmas shopping at TJ Maxx, for others, and well, they had these adorable tea towels, and well...

I put one set in my cart and then I took it out, and then I put it back in, along with two others. They were only $5 for two towels.  There were lots of different styles and I started seeing more than towels...
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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

12 Days of Christmas, Day 4, Garland

Yes, we have made it to day 4 of the 12 Days of Christmas.
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Today's Christmas project is a very simple garland upcycle.  
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I started with this gorgeous garland from Tree Classics.  This is the 9 ft. lit Noble Fir garland, and oh my goodness, it couldn't look more real. 
giveaway, garland, Christmas, wood slices, let it snow, christmas ideas, rustic, snowflakes, fusion mineral paint,
It is beautiful by itself--so full and easy to work with and "shape" as you need. Even close up it looks real!
giveaway, garland, Christmas, wood slices, let it snow, christmas ideas, rustic, snowflakes, fusion mineral paint,
I decided to dress it up a bit, but not too much because I didn't want to cover up the gorgeous branches.  
giveaway, garland, Christmas, wood slices, let it snow, christmas ideas, rustic, snowflakes, fusion mineral paint,
I added a "LET IT SNOW"  that I painted on wood slices.  The wood slices are cut from some of our firewood, but you can buy wood slices at a a craft store.    I like to keep greenery and lights up through January so I went with a winter theme rather than a Christmas one.  Because this garland is fake I won't have to worry about all those needles.
giveaway, garland, Christmas, wood slices, let it snow, christmas ideas, rustic, snowflakes, fusion mineral paint,
I used white paint and finished the wood slices with some coconut oil to keep the wood light.
giveaway, garland, Christmas, wood slices, let it snow, christmas ideas, rustic, snowflakes, fusion mineral paint,
I also added some snowflakes from the craft store that I painted with Fusion Mineral Paints Mathew Mead metallic line--I used the copper, silver, and champagne (you will be seeing more of these colors in upcoming Christmas projects).
giveaway, garland, Christmas, wood slices, let it snow, christmas ideas, rustic, snowflakes, fusion mineral paint,
I tied everything on with jute.  
giveaway, garland, Christmas, wood slices, let it snow, christmas ideas, rustic, snowflakes, fusion mineral paint,
I had a tough time deciding where I wanted to hang the garland, but decided I wanted it where I would see it often so I placed it over my French doors that lead from the kitchen to the solarium.  (Sometimes, I feel like I live in a Clue game--I say things like, "It is in the library.  It is the solarium.")
giveaway, garland, Christmas, wood slices, let it snow, christmas ideas, rustic, snowflakes, fusion mineral paint,

DISCLOSURE STATEMENT: I was given free product to review, the opinions represented in this post are solely mine. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Verses

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Happy Sunday! Goodness, what a tough week with the attacks in Paris, coming on the heels of a downed plane in Egypt, and so many more tragedies and horrific things happening in our lives. It is enough to make a person want to hide, shut out the world, and try our best to not collapse with anxiety and fear. But, God tells us to NOT FEAR. He tells us He is with us, He is with us no matter what. He strengthens us and upholds us. Fear and anxiety is not from God. We are not meant to worry about what might happen. This week let's try to focus on this truth and not live in fear, but in the peace of knowing God is with us always.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

12 Days of Christmas, Day 3, Christmas Storytelling Blocks

If I don't pick up the pace here, we will never get through these 12 Days of Christmas friends, but I am trying!!  
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I have to say I am a bit in love with today's idea and wish I would have thought of it when my kids were little.  These Christmas storytelling blocks will make a great gift for the wee ones in your life.  As a former teacher I know that having kids retelll stories and having them put parts of a story in order is a fantastic learning exercise. 
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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday Verses

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Happy Sunday!  I am sure this verse is familiar to many, but how many of us actually BELIEVE it and live by it?  So many times we walk around defeated, we think things are never going to change, we see only the impossibilities of a situation.  And if we are looking at things with only our human limitations then a defeatist attitude is understandable. BUT, God tells us that with Him ALL things are possible--He changes impossible, seemingly unchangeable circumstances.  This week instead of looking at things with our eyes, let's use our Jesus vision to see the possibilities!

Friday, November 6, 2015

12 Days of Christmas, Day 2, Twig Tree Card Holder

Day 2, woohoo--FINALLY!
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Today's project is simple and rustic and primitive--a simple tree branch card holder.
card holder, rustic, twig tree, branches, christmas ideas, DIY, rustic christmas,
I have lots of ideas to change it up to meet your decor, but I am getting ahead of myself. First let me give you the basics:

Monday, November 2, 2015

12 Days of Christmas, Day 1, Pallet Tree

Oh my goodness, my Instagram feed about blew up with Christmas posts on Sunday.  I guess I am not the only blogger and maker getting us in the Christmas mode.
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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Verses

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Happy Sunday!  Friends, we have become people who are so easily offended.  And, not only that, we have become great storytellers--making up assumptions that are always negative.  She looked at me weird, she must be mad at me.  She seemed short with me, what is her problem?  I am telling you, STOP!! Stop taking offense to every little thing that may or may not be sent your way.  Stop assuming the worst and assuming it is all about you. Guess what?  Even if it is about us, we can overlook it.  We can give each other grace.  We can remember that this life is hard and we all are going through stuff.  We can have some good and common sense and simply overlook the wrongdoing.  It is for our good and God's glory to do so.  This week let's try to be a little less offended, let's overlook the offenses in our lives and show some grace to others. Can I get an AMEN?