Sunday, June 28, 2020

Sunday Verses

Quit Doing Things That Aren't Life-Giving
Happy Sunday! We have had quite a few woodpeckers in our yard this year (including this Red-Naped Sapsucker). They are fun and interesting to watch as they peck away in spots that aren't going to help feed them--our flag pole, windows, metal stove pipe. Seeing the bird furiously persist pecking at a dead wood or metal pole is a great picture of what we so often do in our lives. How many times do we continue down or return to paths that we know are not right for us only to eventually feel like we are banging our heads against a brick wall? You know the saying, if you want different results, you have to try different approaches. We need to quit making choices that we know aren't good for us and aren't life-giving. And, I know that it is so hard to not follow familiar paths and patterns and habits, but looking to Jesus and relying on Him makes the hard things possible. Let's quit poking and jabbing at dead activities, actions, words that lead us the wrong way and rather focus on those paths that guide us to the vital life God wants for us.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

So Many Show Projects

Y'all, i had a show last week, woohoo! And while the crowds weren't huge the sales were absolutely fantastic. We practiced social distancing, spread out the booths, etc. 

As is typical, I intended to stage and take good pictures of all of my projects. Alas, I did not take the time to do that, but I will show you some photos from my booth and walk you through some of my favorite furniture items.
bookshelf, reclaimed barnwood, cattle crossing sign, cow painting
This bookshelf was a brown, wobbly, thrift store purchase. I painted it black and added some old boards to the back that I sanded and stained. (The boards are off of my house--they were behind the gutters for some reason, making the gutters useless so hubby removed them.) I really liked how the black with the old, chippy wood looked together and adding the back made the bookshelf sturdy and rock soild.

I made a cattle crossing sign and painted another cow (like this one HERE) on the bottom of a warped oak tray out of an old trunk. You can also see a barnwood coat hook. This piece of barnwood has a hole in it (lower left) and I was happy I found  use for the holey wood.
sunflower painting, fruits and vegetables, potting bench
This sunflower painting sold right away. I painted it using ONLY wood scraps as my paintbrushes. It is sunny and bright and happy. A potting bench/outdoor bar has an old metal hoosier drawer in it for potting soil or ice and drinks. My large watermelon and carrot were purchased by the local FCC teacher for the classroom kitchen.
Old Door Hall Tree
Old door hall trees are always popular. I chose to plane the reclaimed wood and leave it natural, using only Wise Owl Furniture Salve to finish. The mirror was purchased from a thrift store and the wood beads around it was the inspiration for the natural wood seat on the hall tree. I made another Yellowstone Park sign since the first one sold in one day.
Butcher Block Kitchen Island
Hubby and I had purchased some huge butcher block type pieces of wood (they are actually cut off pieces from large beams) at a garage sale. We made one into a rolling island. I used coconut oil to season the butcher block. 

I was happy and thankful that customers came out and were there to buy! Sales have also been great in my booth at The Antique Barn in Gallatin Gateway, MT. 

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Sunday Verses

Devotional About Keeping Alert
Happy Sunday! I have spent many hours this spring working on finally creating a flower bed full of perennials. I have weeded this area many times in the past, but never fully finished it. Now that it is completed, I am trying my best to stay on top of the prolific weed growth. I never quite understand how they can grow and spread so quickly and I get frustrated that even one week of neglect leads to extra work. But, when I weed every day or two, the job seems easier. We all have weaknesses and "ugly" areas of our life that aren't a problem or issue as long as we are alert and pay attention to them regularly. It is when we ignore them, deny them, or leave them unchecked that they become a problem. This verse seems a little scary or threatening, but really it is simply telling us to recognize and be aware of those things that keep us from loving and taking care of each other. When we are regularly looking at how we might be falling short of Jesus's command to love God and others, we can more easily correct or change it. A daily (hourly) heart check keeps us attentive and aware.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Folk Art Abstract Lamb Cow

Well, my title says it all or... 😂. 
Folk Art Abstract Lamb Cow
I love creating paintings by painting with wood scraps and chunks of wood as my paintbrushes. The scraps give the paining a unique look and I enjoy the challenge.
Folk Art Abstract Lamb Cow
Painting a cow and EYES were a new challenge for me. I painted the background first, using light green and light blue interior wall paint. I like to paint these on pieces of plywood because the texture adds an extra quality to the painting.
Folk Art Abstract Lamb Cow
The cow/calf looks a little like a lamb to me. I am definitely calling this an abstract, folk art , farmhouse style painting. I am happy enough with it--I will see if it speaks to anyone else enough that they want to buy it. PS--if there are any art critics out there, I don't want to hear it. After all, art is personal, right?

Thursday, June 11, 2020

How to Make a Vintage Style Park Sign

Y'all, I didn't mean to be absent for so long! My youngest graduated and we were able to have an in person graduation and party, thus the crazy, mad dash to work on home projects this past month. It was a lovely party and I am so happy we were able to celebrate my baby (she is on the right).
 I have been busy making things to take to my antique booth too, but sales have been so awesome that I haven't photographed much. Life is slowing down a bit and getting back into a more normal rhythm so hopefully I will have more sharing time.

Today, I made a fun, vintage style sign, perfect for our area.
How to Make a Vintage Style Park Sign
I started with a 1X8 that was a bit warped and apparently had been some type of door jam. 
How to Make a Vintage Style Park Sign
I painted it black and then used 6" letter stencils to spell out Yellowstone Park. I used very little paint on my brush for a faded look. I fill in the spaces in the letters that the stencils have. I think it makes it look a little more custom.
How to Make a Vintage Style Park Sign
I lined or shadowed the letters with yellow paint and then distressed the smooth pine board with a hammer claw and and nails. I sanded quite a bit of the paint off the edges and then stained it all.
How to Make a Vintage Style Park Sign
I love National Parks and know we are blessed to live so close to YNP.  I love that this looks like it could have come off one of the buildings in the park.
How to Make a Vintage Style Park Sign
I also stenciled a BIG SKY sign on barn wood. 
How to Make a Vintage Style Park Sign
These signs are fun to make and always popular with customers. 

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Sunday Verses

Your Life reflects What is in yOur Heart
Happy Sunday! I wish I could start by giving you each a hug (a pre-covid hug, of course). We are living in some tough and tumultuous times. We are being stretched and tried and tested. We are being divided by disease and social issues. We are looking at the same coin, but seeing different sides. And honestly, I am disheartened and saddened that humanity has become so political and divisive. But, when I pause and I force myself to look past the ugly, I capture glimpses of beauty--I see actions that show concern for fellow humans, I witness people on opposite sides of fences coming together, I notice love shared. I believe that most people are inherently good, and I believe that if we put aside our disagreements and really look at each other's lives, we will see good people with good hearts. Let's allow our lives and actions mirror the love and goodness in our hearts and let's CHOOSE to see those positive qualities in each other.