Wednesday, March 30, 2022

How to Make a Mid Century Modern Color Block Clock

I shared last week that decorating is often like a "if you give a mouse a cookie moment..." and yesterday's post (below) of the colorful found art I created led to a clock makeover today. You see, originally I was hanging my reclaimed object art under and around this BIG French Farmhouse style clock.
Large Farmhouse Wall Clock
I bought this clock at Real Deals ten+ years ago when I was decorating in a more farmhouse style (and pretending to like it). We love the size of this clock and old school folks that we are, we look at it several times a day. I have just made it work, even though its style hasn't been me for several years. 

Yesterday when I hung up the colorful, reclaimed vintage object art I made and old games boards, I KNEW it was no longer going to work so I decided to give the clock a makeover. I thought of a few different ideas, but decided on a colorful, mid-century design when I realized the RETRO STAR stencil from Old Sign Stencils would work great for the clock face numbers.

Stencil a Mid Century Modern Color Block Clock

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Colorful Found Object Art

I tend to buy furniture and larger decor items when I am thrifting. But, sometimes smaller items catch my eye, especially if they are vintage or a certain color. I gathered some of those items, working with a ROYGBIV rainbow theme and a thrift store wood box and
Colorful Found Object Art
put them together to create a colorful art piece.
Colorful Found Object Art

Friday, March 25, 2022

Mid-Century, Eclectic Entryway with Retro Star Stenciled Wall

If you are a home decorator who likes to change up your decor often, you totally understand the "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" theme in decorating. The funky, eclectic art I shared on Monday (see post HERE), led to redecorating my entryway. I couldn't be happier with the results and the new boho, mid-century look I created in a few hours.

Stencil a Wall with Retro Star Stencil
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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Stencil a Mid-Century Side Table

Don't you just love it when random items come together? That is what happened with this discarded table base (left by one of our renters), a thrift store wood tray, and Funky Junk Old Sign Stencils newest stencil, RETRO STAR.

Stencil a Mid-Century Side Table
This post contains affiliate links which means that if you buy something from the link provided, I may receive a small compensation at absolutely NO extra cost to you.

I knew I had to have this RETRO STAR stencil STAT. I have so many ideas as to where I want to use it. YOU can get it from OLD SIGN STENCILS HERE. The first project I decided to stencil was a wood tray that fit perfectly in this discarded, metal table base to create the perfect mid-century side table.
stencil a mid-century table

Monday, March 21, 2022

Make it Monday Funky, Eclectic Art for Spring

Easy DIY Project

Okay...I can't decide if I love or hate today's Make It Monday project. I had fun making it and it certainly does what I set out to do--add some funky, brightly colored, abstract art to my spring entryway. The more I looked at is as I edited the photos for this post, it grew on me. It is a bit out of my decorating comfort zone, which I like. I enjoy trying new ideas and new ways to decorate my home.

Make it Monday Funky, Eccentric Art for Spring

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Simple Spring Decor for the Porch

Okay...back to last week's post and my breezeway porch decor. In the post below, you can see the temporary house number I created for my porch that will get re-sided this summer. I added a bit more decor to the other side of the door that is keeping with my wood, black, green theme.
Simple Spring Decor for the Porch
This wreath is an easy DIY made form thrift store, wood curtain rings. 
Thrift Store Wood Curtain Rings

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Easy DIY House Number and Porch Decor

We have two porches on our old schoolhouse home. One is the original schoolhouse entrance and is a covered porch. It is the one that I shared last week HERE. The other porch is our breezeway porch that connects our garage to our mudroom. We are trying to encourage people to use the front door more and we poured a concrete walkway to the porch to do so. (Before, you walked across the grass to get to the porch and front doors.) But, the breezeway porch is still quite visible and does get used often by delivery folks so I do continue to decorate it. 

Sometime this summer we plan to remove the very dirty and yellowed vinyl siding on this porch and replace it with cedar siding. The parts of our home that were not part of the original schoolhouse like the garage and breezeway have the vinyl siding. The original house has white painted cedar siding which is in great shape. We will leave the new cedar siding that we add to the porch wood colored--I think it will update the house and make it fresh. BUT, until then I decided the breezeway porch needed a temporary house number that was big and visible.
Easy DIY House Number and Porch Decor

We have house numbers near the front porch, but they are hard to see, especially in the summer when the trees are full. I think I will have a white, black, and wood color scheme with touches of seasonal colors on the breezeway porch so I decided to stick with that for this temporary house number. I started with a fifty cent garage sale frame and some thin cedar wood pieces (I think they are hot tub siding pieces) that I got loads of for free.

DIY House Number Sign

Monday, March 7, 2022

Make It Monday Boho Mirror

Make It Monday Easy DIY BOHO Mirro
I have been missing in action around here for a bit. My daughter and husband were skiing together a week ago. They were on their last run of the day and were skiing on the edge quickly. Someone cut right in from my husband, he double ejected, and hit a tree. The good news is that he is still walking, had no head trauma, and is alive. My daughter stayed with him, got him to a clinic, and drove him home. He did suffer from a broken scapula, broken vertebrae, and a large hematoma. SO, last week was a week of resting and down time and being a nurse. He is slowly recovering and we are thankful it wasn't worse.

Sitting gave me time to dream up some new projects to share this week. Today's Make It Monday project is one of those. To make this boho mirror I started with some items--embroidery hoop, mirror, macramé cord-- from the thrift store, but you could purchase these new at a craft store.

thrift store decor
With just a couple items and an hour or less of time, I created a sunburst, boho mirror that works great in a sitting area vignette.
Macramé Cord Mirror

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Fresh Spring Porch Decor

It's March first and I've got to tell you, that brings me a bit of hope that warmer days are ahead. Actually, today it is very warm and spring like and it is 83 degrees warmer than it was last Wednesday! I decided it was definitely time for some spring decorating on my front, covered porch.

I started with making a couple fresh, boho styled, front door "wreaths". 
Make a boho spring wreath
These are very easy to make and only take about ten minutes each to create. A branch, some fake flowers, jute, floral wire, and a few wood beads are all you need.
Make a Boho Spring Wreath
I shared these faux lavender(?) flowers last week in the post below. They are from the thrift store. Use whatever flowers you like and that fit your style. I like the simplicity of these and the papery flowers. I wired them on one end of a 20" branch from my yard. You could use a dowel, a wood hanger, a piece of galvanized or copper pipe. I used floral wire and three o the faux stems.