Monday, March 7, 2022

Make It Monday Boho Mirror

Make It Monday Easy DIY BOHO Mirro
I have been missing in action around here for a bit. My daughter and husband were skiing together a week ago. They were on their last run of the day and were skiing on the edge quickly. Someone cut right in from my husband, he double ejected, and hit a tree. The good news is that he is still walking, had no head trauma, and is alive. My daughter stayed with him, got him to a clinic, and drove him home. He did suffer from a broken scapula, broken vertebrae, and a large hematoma. SO, last week was a week of resting and down time and being a nurse. He is slowly recovering and we are thankful it wasn't worse.

Sitting gave me time to dream up some new projects to share this week. Today's Make It Monday project is one of those. To make this boho mirror I started with some items--embroidery hoop, mirror, macramé cord-- from the thrift store, but you could purchase these new at a craft store.

thrift store decor
With just a couple items and an hour or less of time, I created a sunburst, boho mirror that works great in a sitting area vignette.
Macramé Cord Mirror
I used a 14" embroidery hoop, a 10" framed mirror, and 3 mm macramé cord (this is a huge, brand new spool of 100% cotton cord that I got for $3 at the thrift store). Some paint, hot glue, and cereal box cardboard were also used.
Make It Monday Easy DIY BOHO Mirror
First, I painted the hoop and mirror frame black. I thought you would need to have a framed mirror for this project, but an unframed would work too. You can buy either at a craft store.
paint an embroidery hoop black
Cut 21 (that is how many I used) pieces of cord 14" long. When the paint was dry, I slip-knotted the cord pieces around the frame.
slip knot cord to embroidery hoop
I placed the hoop flat and set the mirror in place where I wanted it. I hot glued it to hold it there, but realized this isn't necessary. You could use painter's tape to hold it in place. Starting with the middle cord that was across from the part where the mirror touches the embroidery hoop, I hot glued the cord to the back of the mirror. Pull it tight, but don't make it so tight that the hoop looses it shape.
Make It Monday Easy DIY BOHO Mirror
I then evenly spaced the cords around the embroidery hoop. I used a protein bar to space the cords because I was working at the kitchen counter. I then glued the rest of the cords, working around the hoop until I got down to the mirror. The cords near where the mirror and hoop touch help hold the mirror in place. If you are not using a framed mirror, the cord will hold it to the hoop.
Make It Monday Easy DIY BOHO Mirror
Because this will most likely be for sale, I wanted the back to be cleaner. I cut a circle from a cereal box and hot glued it to the back.
Glue Cereal Box Cardboard tot he Back of the Mirror
I touched up the black paint on the front where the mirror and hoop meet and that was it. This will pop more on a painted wall. you could use embroidery floss or yarn or ribbon if you want a more colorful mirror.
Make It Monday Easy DIY BOHO Mirror
Everything in this sitting area except the new Target Dollar Spot rabbit is from a thrift store. The chair is from Facebook Marketplace.
Boho Thrift Store Decor
The art, the wood vase, the shelf, the wood stool, the lamp, the planter, the photo holder, the wool pillow--all thrift store finds.
Make It Monday Easy DIY BOHO Mirror
The phot holder is a vintage brass napkin holder. 
Repurposed napkin Holder
Using mirrors in your decor help to reflect light. Create wall vignettes by using a variety of textures and interesting objects. A plant, something seasonal, objects with different heights help keep your decor fresh and pleasing to look at.
Make It Monday Easy DIY BOHO Mirror

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