Friday, March 25, 2022

Mid-Century, Eclectic Entryway with Retro Star Stenciled Wall

If you are a home decorator who likes to change up your decor often, you totally understand the "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" theme in decorating. The funky, eclectic art I shared on Monday (see post HERE), led to redecorating my entryway. I couldn't be happier with the results and the new boho, mid-century look I created in a few hours.

Stencil a Wall with Retro Star Stencil
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I have wanted to paint below this shelf for awhile now. The funky painting I made inspired me to add more color. I knew Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils newest stencil RETRO STAR would be the perfect pattern for the funky, boho, MCM look I wanted.
Mid-Century, Eclectic Entryway with Retro Star Stenciled Wall
I started by painting below the shelf with a Behr Dynasty paint, color name is Vine Leaf. It took less than half of a quart and only one coat to cover the 7' x 4.5' wall space. 
dark green Behr paint
Using the Retro Star stencil (GET THE STENCIL HERE), I started stenciling in the top middle of the wall. I used both a level and a tape measure to make sure my stencil was straight. I really took the time to do this correctly so that the whole design was straight. I used a gold craft acrylic paint to stencil the retro star.
Old Sign Stencils Retro Star
I stenciled the upper half of the wall first. Because the gold craft paint is fairly sticky, I cleaned the stencil off with water and a scrub brush before stenciling the lower half. It took me about two and half hours to stencil the space. I love the results and think it looks like an awesome mid-century wallpaper without the hassle and cost of wallpaper. (The last time I removed wallpaper I promised myself NEVER again. 😁)

I used some Antique Gold Rub-n-Buff on the iron coat hooks.
Mid-Century, Eclectic Entryway with Retro Star Stenciled Wall
To update the entryway space and make it more cohesive, I removed the old school desk that I had in the corner and added this amazing bench I purchased at the thrift store.
walnut bench from the thrift store
This bench is hefty, solid wood (I think walnut) and is in excellent condition. I used some Wise Owl Furniture Salve on it to revive the wood. (get it HERE). The salmon, pink colored "throw" on it is really a curtain panel from the thrift store. It adds the same color as what is in the painting I created. I grabbed the suitcase from my mom's crawl space last week. It was the metal, take to camp suitcase we kids used. I added some of the gold paint I used to stencil to the suitcase. 
Mid-Century, Eclectic Entryway with Retro Star Stenciled Wall
The shelf is made from pallet wood and you can find the complete instructions in my second book, Wood Pallet Wonders that you can buy HERE. I am not sure what to call all this mixed style, but I do love it together. The rustic wood shelf, the wood frame on the painting, the wood bench all add a rustic touch. The wood bead garland and the vintage leather binocular and camera cases introduce organic texture and warmth, a vintage and boho style. The gold stencil speaks of a mid-century modern style and the gold suitcase and coat hooks tie the gold scheme together. Eclectic is definitely a good word for my entryway. All of the elements make me smile and happy and I am ready to add more mixed decor into other areas of my home. We hope to get the floors refinished soon (hubby's skiing accident slowed us down) to get rid of their orange hue and will replace the trim. Until then, this stenciled wall update was just what I needed for a fresh look. Try a stenciled wall treatment, you won't be sorry!
Mid-Century, Eclectic Entryway with Retro Star Stenciled Wall


  1. I'm so mind-blown how gorgeous this wall turned out, Becky! I'm searching for just the right spot to do similar! I need this fabulous look in my life STAT!

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  3. I love it! I had pinned your painting you did and now pinning this whole entryway!

  4. The painting/stenciling looks amazing! Everything is cohesive & has a great vibe! Well done as always!


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