Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Simple Spring Decor for the Porch

Okay...back to last week's post and my breezeway porch decor. In the post below, you can see the temporary house number I created for my porch that will get re-sided this summer. I added a bit more decor to the other side of the door that is keeping with my wood, black, green theme.
Simple Spring Decor for the Porch
This wreath is an easy DIY made form thrift store, wood curtain rings. 
Thrift Store Wood Curtain Rings
Back in January I painted these and hung them from a branch above my TV for some a little winter wall art (HERE). I took that down and decided to reuse the wood curtain rings to make a simple, boho wreath for the porch.
Simple Spring Boho Wreath
I placed a dozen of the rings in a circle and them hot glued two at a time together. I glued an eight inch piece of green jute to the back of the curtain ring pairs, wrapped it around the rings four times, and then hot glued and trimmed the jute to secure it on the back.
Hot glue curtain rings together
After gluing two curtain, rings together, I glued the pairs together until everything was secure.
I cut four different length pieces of green jute and tied it between two rings on the bottom of the wreath.
green jute wreath bow
I have had the green screen that a friend gave me on the breezeway porch for a couple of years. I added a quick, light coat of a darker green paint. I hung the screen and then the wreath on it.
Simple Spring Decor for the Porch
The neighbor's chickens (and duck and rooster) came to see me while I was hanging the screen and wreath.

In the corner of the porch I have an old mailbox sitting on a vintage green hand-truck. I will plant in the mailbox when it is warm enough (both the hand-truck and the mailbox were purchased at the thrift store). A few more spring items will be added to the porch, but here is the simple decorations I have so far. I cannot wait to replace the ugly security light with something cute when we re-side.
Simple Spring Decor for the Porch
Until then, inexpensive, temporary decor mostly from the thrift store creates a welcoming porch for both guests and for spring.

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