Sunday, June 23, 2019

Sunday Verses

Devotional on Being Content
Happy Sunday! I am working on a thirty day photography challenge, taking pictures for different prompts such as pattern, things in threes, movement, etc. What I have learned is there is beauty in the ordinary things that I see every day. God wants us to be content, He wants us to find joy in the ordinary. There is a lot of pain and suffering in this world, He knows that. But, God wants us to enjoy everyday living, He takes pleasure in seeing us happy. Stop and appreciate the small, simple things, be content, find the gift in the routine and in the common.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sunday Verses

Short devotional on Father's Day
Happy Sunday! I love this picture of my husband and daughter. She wanted to cross the log, but she was scared. My husband took her hand, encouraged her, showed her how to move across the log, helped her overcome her fears and successfully cross the river. It is a picture of what fathers are called to do: encourage, teach, help, and hold their children's hands when they need it. I am so thankful for my husband and for all of the dads out there who step up and step in to teach and train up children in a Godly and loving way and so thankful that we have a loving Father in heaven who shows us how to love our children and each other unconditionally.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Sunday Verses

Devotional on Hope
Happy Sunday! I have always loved rainbows. As a kid, (and mind you, it was the very groovy seventies) I had a rainbow bedroom--rainbow sheets and comforter, rainbow wallpaper, and a full rainbow painted on the wall. Today would have been my son's nineteenth birthday and in his short life, the rainbow became more special to me. My son was born with a rare heart defect, Ebstein's Anomaly. Shortly after he was born, when the doctors had rushed him away to work on him, I looked out the window of my hospital room and saw a rainbow through the tall buildings. On the day we buried my son it was raining heavily. When we got to the cemetery, the sun came out and a double rainbow appeared over the mountains. After the flood, God placed the rainbow in the skies as a promise and a sign of hope.  Yes, my baby died, but I live with the hope that I will see him again one day. Hope tells us that things will get better, that there is a way through the darkness, that God will work it out. Jesus came to give us life and to give us hope. Find a sign of hope in your life and cling to it. Trust hope.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Sunday Verses

Inspiring Devotional
Happy Sunday! It is graduation season and at many graduation parties we are asked to write words of wisdom for the graduate. I often write short, inspirational quotes. But, I realized what I really want graduates (and EVERYONE) to know is this: You are who God says YOU are. You are not your list of achievements or mistakes, you are not your GPA or the activities you participate in, you are not who social media says you are, you are not the college you are attending or the degree or job you want, you are not the friends you hang out with or anything else that is temporary and fleeting and ever-changing. You are who God calls you--fearfully and wonderfully made, loved beyond measure, forgiven, and redeemed. When the world tries to put labels on you and define you, work hard to reject them and remind yourself that God's labels are the only ones that matter.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Seed Crate

It is planting season, and planting means flowers, and seeds, and gardens, and potting sheds. Funky Junk Old Sign Stencils has such a lovely line of HIGH QUALITY stencils.
(affiliate link)
See them HERE (note the price you see is in Canadian, so the US price is less.)
Old Sign Stencils Seed Crate

 The latest stencils are such a lovely size and they work great as they are or in bits and pieces like I stenciled on this small crate I made.

Build and Stencil a Seed Crate

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sunday Verses

Devotional on Doing the Hard Things
Happy Sunday! You probably have seen the saying, "You can do hard things." The hard things are different for all of us, but I believe the truly difficult challenges that we have to overcome always involve people and relationships. I am not sure why we make it so hard, but I know with God we can take courage and change it. With Jesus we can forgive, we can say we are sorry, we can rebuild connections, we can stand up for others, we can speak truthfully and tell others what we are feeling, we can be inclusive, we can be kind. It is not easy, do it anyway. Rise up. Take courage. Do the hard thing.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Thrifty Thursday Metal Stool Makeover

So, I went a thrift store hunt looking specifically for two 24" stools. I wanted metal, but was willing to settle for wood. I did not find any. I also looked on Craigslist with no luck. Humph...

But, when I got home from my thrifting trip, I hopped on the Facebook garage sale pages and found two 24" metal stools that had been listed a few minutes before. I snatched them up. So, this isn't a really thrift store makeover, but a garage sale upcycle.

I wanted the stools to go with the bar I recently shared (HERE). 
I know I need to rough them up, give them a more weathered, worn, and farmhouse appearance. I achieved this with paint, cinnamon, and stain.
How to Get a Rusty Farmhouse Look on Metal

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sunday Verses

Devotional on Being Calm During Stressful Times
Happy Sunday! It is spring and that means the rivers and waterfalls are raging. But, on a recent hike, rather than paying attention to the swiftly moving waters I noticed the still pools on the river. There is something about calmness and stillness that draws our attention. To be able to be still when everything around us is turbulent speaks to others. When we trust that all things will work out, when we know that God has our back and believe that He is with us always, we can rest and be still. A place of peacefulness and quietness in the middle of stress is where God wants us to be, to rest. It is where he will lead us if we let him.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Island and Bar

Some (MOST!) of my projects are the ones that I have no idea what I am building when I start. I love to improvise and figure things out as I go. It seems to work best for the way my brain functions. 

So, when I found a large wood piece that was for a sign, but headed to a burn pile, I knew it would make a good, rustic table top.

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Island and Bar

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sunday Verses

Devotional on Building Bridges
Happy Sunday! I sure do appreciate a good bridge on the trail (as opposed to having to shimmy across a log). Bridges make is easier to get over things that otherwise might be too hard to cross. In life we have lots of tough things that we have to cross and go through and people (you and me) are called to be the bridges that help each other over the difficult stuff. Loving each other, taking care of others without judgement, reaching out to others-- all help to overcome the gaps that we have to cross. Too often we are so worried about our differences that we choose to build a fence rather than a bridge between us. Love people where they are at, know that everyone has hard things in their lives, and reach out to span the space between you.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Farmhouse Cabinet Made From Chippy Picket Fence

I recently picked up some chippy white picket fence pieces. These were just small scraps, the longest bit being about 24" long. I decided I wanted to make some type of shelf out of them. At first I thought I would make an open shelf with pickets in the back. But, then I decide to make a little door. From the door that I made, this fun, chippy, wall cabinet was born.

Chippy Wall Cabinet Made from Reclaimed Picket Fencing

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Sunday Verses

Devotional on Thriving in Hard Times
Happy Sunday! There is something about a flower pushing up and growing through a rock that makes me pause and take notice. Seeing something thrive where I do not expect it to, where it is difficult to, is inspiring. We have not been promised an easy life. We need to know that we all will face tough, hard times and through them we can choose to grow 
 if we have faith and believe that ANYTHING is possible with Jesus. Our experiences can strengthen us and we can even flourish through them when we believe that God will push us, hold us, see us through the hard times. Have faith and grow through the "rocks" in your life, thrive in the hard places.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sunday Verses

Devotional on Practicing Gratitude and Being a More Positive Person
Happy Sunday! As I was driving home the other evening, I noticed the sun setting and actually turned around to park so I could pause and appreciate the end of a hectic day. A fire broke out across the street from my home and strong winds blowing the fire and smoke straight towards my home had me concerned. I spent the earlier part of the day doing frustrating errands, not getting everything done that I had planned. I had a meal to make and deliver to a family and had to take several out of the way back roads to get there because of the fire (which thankfully was put out after a few hours). Practicing gratitude, finding the good in the bad, focusing on the positive, stopping complaining, have actually all been scientifically proven to rewire our brains to be happy. This of course is no surprise to God--he knows being thankful can be life changing. When you are faced with problems do you get angry and upset, complain and stir the pot, and only focus on the negative? Or do you remember to pause and be grateful for what is going right? Mentally or better yet, physically list five things you are grateful for EACH and EVERY day for the next month and you will start seeing the glass as half full rather than half empty. Stop the cycle of complaining and only seeing problems and start seeing the good in people and situations.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Thrifty Thursday Side Table Makeover

A Sunny Makeover for a Thrift Store Side Table
Today's Thrifty Thursday project is a paint makeover. I won't buy furniture at the thrift store if it isn't good. i.e. it needs to be real wood, sturdy or have the ability to be made stable easily, and it needs to have good bones. Because I am kind of picky about what I get, I don't get a lot of furniture at the thrift store. But, this little table met all of my requirements--it is solid wood (look underneath and at the edges well), and even though it was wobbly, I could see that it would tighten up easily.
A Sunny Makeover for a Thrift Store Side Table
I gave it a sunny yellow makeover.
A Sunny Makeover for a Thrift Store Side Table

Monday, April 22, 2019

Earth Day Projects

Happy Earth Day! We junkers are always celebrating earth day--keeping things out of the landfill by upcycling and repurposing them. Today I am sharing some of my favorite projects for the outdoors, all using things that otherwise would have ended up at the dump. Click on each title to go to the original post!
Upcycled Outdoor Projects

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Sunday Verses

Devotional for Easter on New Life from Dark Places
Happy Sunday and Happy Easter! I try to imagine what is was like when Mary, Mary, and Salome first approached the empty tomb. I picture brilliant light radiating from the dark, empty space. Darkness and light were the first things God spoke into creation. God brings forth new life from dark spaces. Think of a seed bursting open in the dark soil, reaching for the light or a baby being formed in the darkness of the womb. Jesus came into this world and died to bring us new life from our dark places. On Easter we celebrate the resurrection that tells us that light will one day overcome all darkness. Embrace His light, let it wash over you with new, fresh, and loving light.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Reclaimed Wood Flour Bin

When I saw this flour stencil from Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils
(affiliate link), I knew I wanted to build a wood bin to use it on.
old sign stencil flour stencil
Using pallet wood, I created four sides joined together with 1" x 1" boards on the inside. The front and back are three boards wide and the sides are two pallet boards wide.
Reclaimed Wood Flour Bin Made From Pallet Wood

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Sunday Verses

God is Always Nearby
Happy Sunday! On a recent walk by the river we could hear sandhill cranes making quite a fuss and being extremely loud and noisy, but we couldn't see them. When we got close enough to finally see them, the birds became silent and remained that way the entire time we were nearby. There are times in our lives when we all feel like God is silent--we can't hear him or feel his presence and we wonder if he is hearing us. It is during these hard times, these times when God seems quiet, that I believe he is very near to us. He is waiting quietly, waiting for us to trust him, waiting for us to learn something about his infinite love and grace. He has promised to never leave us or turn away from us. Even though it may feel like he is being silent, the truth is he is nearby, he is listening. Lean into him and believe that you are not alone, God is with you.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Thrifty Thursday Unfinished Wood Projects

Upcycled Thrift Store Projects

If your local schools have woodshop as a class or if you have hardware stores that offer classes for kids' projects, you have likely seen unfinished wood projects at your thrift stores.  Projects that might be a little off, not perfect, unfinished. Such was the case with this tool tote I recently found.

Upcycle Unfinished Wood Projects From the Thrift Store
All it needed was a handle and some nails hammered in better and I had I had a perfectly good tote ready to upcycle. This handle is a rung from a broken thrift store chair.
Upcycle Unfinished Wood Projects From the Thrift Store

Monday, April 8, 2019

Rustic Farmhouse Chicken Feeder Side Table

You never know what you might find at a thrift store in Montana, but when I spied this chicken feeder for $3, I knew I could do something with it...

Rustic Farmhouse Chicken Feeder Side Table
and decided to make it into a rustic, farmhouse side table.
Rustic Farmhouse Chicken Feeder Side Table

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Sunday Verses

Devotional on Being Strong and Knowing We Belong to God
Happy Sunday! I love knowing the history of the area I live in. I like learning about Lewis and Clark and Sacajawea and thinking that they may have walked in the exact same places that I walk and explore. When the Israelites were feeling discouraged and wanted to quit, they were reminded to look back to Abraham and Sarah, to remember that they were cut from the same rock and were created from the same God. When we are feeling defeated and down, when we want to give up, we need to remind ourselves that we are children of God. We are created in our Father's image and cut from the Almighty Rock. Be encouraged knowing that our history and heritage in Christ is strong and good. Persevere with the knowledge that you are cut from the Rock of Salvation.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Laundry Sign

Need a quick and easy project that is also useful? This handy, dandy laundry sign takes less than thirty minutes to create and will be used all the darn time!
Stencil a Laundry Sign

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sunday Verses

Devotional on God Walking Besides Us
Happy Sunday! I love a backroad and when I have the time, I usually prefer to take the unbeaten path. Sometimes the road takes me somewhere new and unfamiliar. Our choices in life are often compared to roads we are on. One decision leads us down a certain path and another option takes us somewhere else. Whatever road we are on, Jesus walks beside us, whether we recognize it or not. Like the disciples walking on the road to Damascus, when we do realize Jesus is with on the road, when we encounter him, we are changed. Know this, no matter what path you are walking, God is with you and he longs for you to see him, to walk arm in arm with him, to lead you down new ways.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Rustic Farmhouse Grain Seed Bucket

I recently stocked up on some of my favorite stencils, Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils. (BUY HERE).

Her newest line are these wonderful GRAIN SACK stencils. 

garin stencil from Funk Junk Old Sigh Stencils
(this post contains affiliate links)
The grain stencil was the first one I played with. I love these stencils--they are high quality, they have great registration marks, and are unique and perfect for today's farmhouse decor.
Galvanized Bucket from the Thrift Store
I recently found this galvanized bucket at the thrift store for a few dollars and knew it would be perfect for the grain stencil. I used a white porch paint to stencil with since the bucket may be used outdoors. 

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sunday Verses

Devotional on Treating Others How we Want to be Traeted
Happy Sunday! A recent drive on backroads led us to this abandoned schoolhouse. I hate seeing it deteriorating and wish that I could I restore it. I imagine the children who played and learned in this "lovely to me" school. Do you remember being taught the golden rule in school? I can picture the neatly lettered sign in my first grade classroom and I remember having to recite it. It seems like a pretty simple rule to live by, but darn, applying it is not always that easy. Everything Jesus taught was this golden rule principle: love each other, bless people, don't judge, be kind. Being human is messy and hard and hurtful sometimes, but before we act, before we speak, we need to pause and ask ourselves, are we treating this individual how we would want to be treated? 

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sunday Verses

Let Your Light Shine
Happy Sunday! We finally got some days of sunshine this past week and I am loving it. The other morning the much welcomed morning sun was shining through the window and casting a shadow on the wall that looked almost iridescent. Light--it makes such a difference in how we see and in how we feel and react to things. We are called to be a light to each other every day. We don't need to wait for the big gestures to shine for others. Be a daily light in the small things and in small ways: include rather than exclude, be positive instead of someone who complains and is negative, be polite in your interactions not short and rude, listen to someone rather than talking at them, give grace instead of impatience, smile. People notice light, they notice the subtle differences in people who let Jesus shine through them.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Spring Signs

Supposedly robins have been spotted in the area. However, I haven't seen any yet and as we speak, my hubby is helping to clear the high school track of two feet of snow. But, I know spring will arrive eventually. In the meantime I made some signs for spring.
Stenciled Signs for Spring
(affiliate links)
These signs are approximately 15" x 15" and painted using These Folk Art Stencils (BUY HERE) and Funky Junk Old Sign Stencils (BUY HERE)
Stenciled Signs for Spring
I painted them on some salvaged plywood and framed each one out. Each sign is a little different and I am selling them locally.
Stenciled Signs for Spring

Stenciled Signs for Spring

Stenciled Signs for Spring

Stenciled Signs for Spring

Stenciled Signs for Spring
Which is your favorite?

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Thrifty Thursday Planters

Thrifty Thursday Planters
Spring is upon us, although looking outside it is hard to tell because it is still a sea of white snow. But, inside I am ready for color and new life and green.
Thrifty Thursday Planters

When I bought this small, silver chafing dish I had no idea what I was going to use it for, but soon found a use for it.  

Thrifty Thursday Planters
This Thrifty Thursday project is not really a project at all. But, the thrift store is one of the best places to get unique planters for house plants. LOOK for tarnished silver containers, metal buckets, vintage pottery, kid's galoshes, great baskets, pretty teacups, cowboy boots.
Thrifty Thursday Planters
If you have something that you can't drill drainage holes in, be sure to put a little gravel in the bottom or use a plastic planter with a saucer inside the thrift store item.
Thrifty Thursday Planters
The sunny yellow pot and the green make me feel a little warmer and I love a simple, thrift store repurpose!
Thrifty Thursday Planters