Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sunday Verses

Devotional about God being in the waiting
Happy Sunday! No, don't worry, I am not starting Christmas posts and not ready for Christmas at all. But, as a kid I loved Christmas and couldn't wait for the decorations, the special foods, the songs, and the gifts. I thought it all happened magically and I had no idea how much work my mom did behind the scenes as I impatiently waited for my favorite holiday. As an adult I have a hard time waiting for different things- a difficult situation to change, a loved one to step into who God created them to be, an answer to a long-prayed prayer. God is in the waiting, always working even when we don't see it or realize it.  God is active in the waiting, never ceasing to work on our behalf. Whatever you are waiting for, have faith that God knows, he sees us and he never stops working for us.

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  1. Maybe the waiting is to teach us a lesson, patience.


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