Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Chalkboard Idea

If you haven't noticed, I like chalkboard paint. I like to use on about as many different things that I can think of. I had bought a headboard and footboard for $5 at a yard sale this summer to make a bench. I then realized that the footboard was way to short for the side of a bench, so I decided it needed to be a chalkboard/coathook. I painted it red.

I forgot to show you the hamper I asked your opinion on. I did decide to paint it and cover the top. This peachy pink looks very vintage to me.

Ki from Junk Bonanza is having a giveaway. Go to the link below to enter:

Are you all ready for tomorrow? I am going to do a little baking tonight for the teachers, but we should be set to go. Trick or treat!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baby Shower Book

This past weekend I threw a baby shower, along with two other friends, for my dear friend Mariah. She and her husband tried three years to conceive, and after much heartbreak, found out they were pregnant the old fashioned way! God really worked in their lives and marriage through the "trying" part. It was such a thrill to finally be able to throw her a shower. She is having a girl.

I papered up this little journal to use for guests to sign and to write wished for the baby, and for a gift list. It was fun to pick out the different papers. I love scrapbook paper--it is an endless source of inspiration for my furniture painting--the designs and colors are wonderful. The journal was originally red, and you can still see that on the binding. The baby room will be done in pinks and reds and browns. I am decoratively painting the walls to match her crib set called cherry blossom. I am also painting furniture for baby's room. The book was a quick and fun project and will hopefully be a special keepsake for baby.
I've got some projects I am trying to finish up and will hopefully be showing you soon. Have a great middle of the week!

Edited to add:

I've been bood by sweet Julie at Orchard Street Cottage. Now I will have to pass this on--be ready!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm Gonna Do It!

What? What I am going to do? Sit for at least an hour, maybe two and read my new Country Home magazine that came today and this new wonderful book that I won and just received from Kari and Kijsa.

Look at how cute it came, all wrapped up in fabric and a pretty ribbon.

Thanks girls, I can't wait to get into it. And it is autographed too!

I have had high school girls staying here for a student council convention and then my mom came for a few days, so I am going to make a cup of chai and peruse my new book and magazine.

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Blue Changes

Yep, I was right, we have had more snow! It didn't stick here in the valley though, just in the mountains (which makes my snowboard lovin' kids thrilled!). I tell you what, it takes a good cold night and snow to make a person really appreciate their hot tub. Getting to it is never fun, but once you are in, ahhh!

So I recovered another chair to match the last one I did. Here is the before, well the after from when I ripped off the nasty, filthy fabric that was on it, but the before from when I recovered it Ü.
And here is the after, well the almost after, I still am going to buy nailhead trim to put around the bottom and on the arms. I still may uncover the arms, but they were covered before and have lots of holes in them.

This table was a $10 thrift store find. You can't tell from the before picture (because I took it after I had sanded it), but the top was badly scratched and had marker on it. I sanded it, and then used a walnut gel stain on it. It is not perfect, but nothing in my home is. I really like the oval table--it seems less obtrusive.

And finally, although I have shared lots of pictures of my sweet girl, you haven't had the joy (come on, it a joy to see my sweet kids Ü) of seeing her playing her fall sport, soccer. Do you think that tongue sticking out means she's the next Michael Jordan?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

It has been beautiful weekend here. We may wake up to snow tomorrow, but it has been in the 70's the past two days. Last night sweet girl and I were out painting.

Look at how pretty the sky was here in Big Sky country!

And, I wanted to leave a quick project idea for you all. I made this wine rack from the drawer frame from a sewing machine cabinet. I added the ball feet and a thin piece of wood on the bottom of each "shelf". This sold the first day I brought it to my antique booth.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Ladder and a Plug

Happy Day everyone! Here is a ladder redo I did. I added the board for a chalkboard, a bulletin board piece that I covered in fabric, 2 drawers and some hooks. It makes a great message center, with lots of space for "stuff". It has already sold.

Now for a plug. I blogged about this a while ago, but don't forget to watch (or tape) Crusoe starting tomorrow night. It stars a former student of mine, Philip Winchester. His parents are friends of ours, and amazing, down to earth people. Philip is a great Christian kid (ok, he is not a kid anymore, but they are all kids to me if I taught 'em!) and I hope this show is a success for him. His parents recently returned from visiting him in Africa--where he films the island scenes--they had great pictures from the trip. (This picture is from NBC.)

Have a fun Friday!

Monday, October 13, 2008

And the Winner is...

Thanks for everyone who entered my drawing and left a money saving tip. If you haven't read them all, make sure you do, there are some great ones. (Ignore that scary look on my daughter's face) The winner is :


who said...

I am a bargain hunter, so my first stop for anything we need is to check out the clearance sections at stores. I rarely buy anything if it isn't on sale unless we really need it like a food item. Our home is decorated economically too. Our coffee table came from someone that had put out a sign saying FREE STUFF. I sign up for free samples, get coupons online, and search for coupon codes before I buy anything online. I stock up when there is a buy one get one deal too. We turn off unnessary lights durning the day. We have had to turn the heat on already this year, but are keeping it set lower than we would usually want it. Every night I place a glass of water by my bed. If I haven't finished it by the morning, I water the plants with it.

Carrie has just started blogging so check her out and leave a comment at

Pat, tell her what she has won. Well, honestly, I still am not completely sure, but I am working on things Ü. Here is one little thing you will be receiving--a Give Thanks plate. I have a few other little Thanksgiving decorative things I am working on. Congratulations! Email me at with your information and I will get it in the mail this week.

Even though I didn't get a picture of our snowman, my 72 year old mom made a snow friend on her back deck and sent a picture. Isn't he cute? The snow is gone and it is up to 40 degrees. I have to go sit at son's football game soon (not that I don't love watching him play, I would just love it more in 60 degree weather!).

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, tomorrow, in Canada anyway. We've been invited to our next door neighbor's for turkey and fixings--she is from Canada. I can't wait for a yummy turkey dinner on this snowy day--mmmm. I am not sure what Canadian Thanksgiving is all about, but if it involves turkey, I am in!

I was going to take a picture of the 6 foot snowman the kids made this morning. He had an unfortunate accident when they were trying to readjust his arms and now he is snow hill. We got about 5 inches here. It is supposed to be in the 6o's by Wednesday.

We had a scare Friday night. I had kept my daughter home from school--she complained of a tummy ache. It got worse as the day went on and by 6:00 she couldn't stand up straight, was crying, had a fever, and the pain was on the right side. I took her to the local urgent care--they had her in and out in less than 5 minutes. They told us to head to the ER. When we got there she was in less pain. They took blood and her white cells were elevated, but not enough to say it was her appendix. They sent us home to watch her. By morning she was fine. Who knows? (Here's a picture of sweet girl showing off a tooth.)

So, I wasn't very specific about when I was drawing, I said to leave a comment by Sunday so I will wait until tomorrow to draw, probably after preschool. Next time I will be more specific as to an exact time. See ya tomorrow!

Thanks for for the opinions on the hamper, I will show you this week what I decided to do.

Friday, October 10, 2008

An Opinion Please

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. No seriously, as it is snowing out today! October 10th and it is snowing. I have experienced snow every month of the year in Montana, so I shouldn't be surprised, but seriously, snow!

Had to get that out of my system Ü. I need your opinions. I picked up this vintage wicker hamper. I need to glue the bottom trim on. To paint or not to paint, that is the question. I thought of painting it pink, sanding and aging. Does it lose its character and "vintageness" if I paint it? What about the lid that someone stenciled? Thanks in advance for your opinions.

Don't forget to read my post below and leave a comment to win a prize package full of fabulous goodies!

Here is middle son running the football-I hadn't shown him yet, didn't want him to feel left out. happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Saving Money and BRRR

Hey y'all, how's it going? Really, how are you doing with these crazy economic times? I guess I am not too stressed, I trust that God will provide what we need. And, I am not retiring too soon. But still, it has given me lots to ponder. I watched Oprah today, which was a rare occurrence. It was on saving money, being thrifty.

Now there is plenty that we as a family already do. We don't buy coffee at coffee shops, well rarely. We rarely eat out. We try not to buy clothes just because. And of course my home is furnished and decorated on the way cheap. But, I know there are still areas where we could cut back. Unplug things that are not in use. Using more coupons. Driving less. Fewer movies (I love going to the movies!). So I wanted to hear from all of you. What are you doing to cut back? How do you save money? Leave me a comment with a money saving tip and on Sunday I will pick a winner and send you a little something in the mail. What will you win? I haven't decided yet, this is my first giveaway, but it is sure to be fabulous!

On another note, I took this picture of this great house on a beautiful fall day. Alas, the fall weather is quickly leaving us. The high for Friday is 38 degrees and there is snow in the forecast for the next 3 days--arg--I am not ready!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Feeling Blue

I am continuing my redo to blue and got the paint out to work on a few things. This little table I purchased 20 years ago from Country Sampler magazine. It was warm honey pine for several years. I then painted it red and now it got a redo to blue. I painted primer over the red, then a coat of cream and then I mixed up this blue from three oops paints that I had. I hand painted the design in brown and then put stain over all of it.

I changed out the glass beads on the silver tray. This chair is here temporarily, until I get something else. I want something that covers up the horribly placed vent (that has a folded envelope shoved in it because it rattles). The picture above the table was chosen to go there with my red table. It has quite a bit a blue in the sky, but I will have to sit with it for a week or so and see if I like it here or not. I also need to find something to fill the urn. I am off to middle child's football game--good thing I like football, huh?

Friday, October 3, 2008

A Baking Break

I have taken a little break from junking this week to be the cookie queen. My son's football team has a team dinner the night before a game. My dear friend that I teach preschool with is hosting tonight's dinner (the senior parents host). 45 hungry football players will be descending upon her home at about 6:00 this evening. I volunteered to bake all of the sweets for her. I have been baking all week and freezing it. I decided this morning I needed a little more so I baked up these favorites--chocolate revel bars, along with 4 batches of Rice Krispie treats.

Chocolate Revel Bars
1 cup butter, softened plus 2 Tb.
2 cups brown sugar
2 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
2 1/2 cups flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
3 cups quick oats
1 12 oz pkg of chocolate chips (I use milk chocoloate)
1 can sweetened condensed milk

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Cream 1 cup butter, sugar, vanilla and eggs. Add dry ingredients, except oatmeal.

When mixed well, add oatmeal. Dough will be thick. Press 2/3's of the dough into the bottom of a jelly roll pan.

Melt the chocolate, sweetened milk, and remaining 2 Tb butter in the microwave. Stir (taste!) and pour over the oatmeal dough. Blob the remaining dough over the top of the chocolate.

Bake for 25-30 minutes, until lightly browned.

MMM! Enjoy! Now I can go paint, before the rain hits. We have a storm heading in.