Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Ladder and a Plug

Happy Day everyone! Here is a ladder redo I did. I added the board for a chalkboard, a bulletin board piece that I covered in fabric, 2 drawers and some hooks. It makes a great message center, with lots of space for "stuff". It has already sold.

Now for a plug. I blogged about this a while ago, but don't forget to watch (or tape) Crusoe starting tomorrow night. It stars a former student of mine, Philip Winchester. His parents are friends of ours, and amazing, down to earth people. Philip is a great Christian kid (ok, he is not a kid anymore, but they are all kids to me if I taught 'em!) and I hope this show is a success for him. His parents recently returned from visiting him in Africa--where he films the island scenes--they had great pictures from the trip. (This picture is from NBC.)

Have a fun Friday!


  1. love the ladder! I just seen your former student on the today show talking about his show tonight. what a cutie:)
    have a great weekend

  2. I like the ladder. Very creative.

  3. Beautiful piece... Very vibrant. LOL I mean the ladder. LOL (Don't want to call Phillip a piece.. although he is handsome) LOL

    Congrats about Phillip.. I know this is an exciting time for him and all who knows him. My prayer is that he stays grounded in values.

  4. I'm watching it right now. I read the book in school and I loved it.It seems like a good series. Also your ladder was a great idea. No wonder it sold so fast.
    Lee Laurie

  5. I absolutely love the ladder! You are very creative!

  6. Tis a great show!!!!
    I have it set to record on the PVR...regularly....even better now that I know he is a Christian...



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