Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baby Shower Book

This past weekend I threw a baby shower, along with two other friends, for my dear friend Mariah. She and her husband tried three years to conceive, and after much heartbreak, found out they were pregnant the old fashioned way! God really worked in their lives and marriage through the "trying" part. It was such a thrill to finally be able to throw her a shower. She is having a girl.

I papered up this little journal to use for guests to sign and to write wished for the baby, and for a gift list. It was fun to pick out the different papers. I love scrapbook paper--it is an endless source of inspiration for my furniture painting--the designs and colors are wonderful. The journal was originally red, and you can still see that on the binding. The baby room will be done in pinks and reds and browns. I am decoratively painting the walls to match her crib set called cherry blossom. I am also painting furniture for baby's room. The book was a quick and fun project and will hopefully be a special keepsake for baby.
I've got some projects I am trying to finish up and will hopefully be showing you soon. Have a great middle of the week!

Edited to add:

I've been bood by sweet Julie at Orchard Street Cottage. Now I will have to pass this on--be ready!


  1. very cute book! thought I'd stop and let you know you've been boo-ed come over and see me to pick up your cute pic

  2. That is a very cute book.I'm sure that they will cherish it.
    Hugs,Lee Laurie

  3. Wow - the baby room sounds like it's going to be stunning.

    I am holding a nursery pictures contest on my site until Jan 2009. Come over and enter! I would love to see it.

    Enter here

    You can win a $75 gift certificate from PinkTaffyDesigns if you win and your baby's room will be featured on my home page.

    I'm sure other moms would love to see the room too.


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