Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Blue Changes

Yep, I was right, we have had more snow! It didn't stick here in the valley though, just in the mountains (which makes my snowboard lovin' kids thrilled!). I tell you what, it takes a good cold night and snow to make a person really appreciate their hot tub. Getting to it is never fun, but once you are in, ahhh!

So I recovered another chair to match the last one I did. Here is the before, well the after from when I ripped off the nasty, filthy fabric that was on it, but the before from when I recovered it Ü.
And here is the after, well the almost after, I still am going to buy nailhead trim to put around the bottom and on the arms. I still may uncover the arms, but they were covered before and have lots of holes in them.

This table was a $10 thrift store find. You can't tell from the before picture (because I took it after I had sanded it), but the top was badly scratched and had marker on it. I sanded it, and then used a walnut gel stain on it. It is not perfect, but nothing in my home is. I really like the oval table--it seems less obtrusive.

And finally, although I have shared lots of pictures of my sweet girl, you haven't had the joy (come on, it a joy to see my sweet kids Ü) of seeing her playing her fall sport, soccer. Do you think that tongue sticking out means she's the next Michael Jordan?


  1. Those make overs look nice! The chair is great!

  2. What a pretty chair makeover--you did a beautiful job!

  3. Great job on the chair! It looks fantastic!

  4. You do a wonderful job refishining furniture. Cute kids too. :)

  5. Good save on the table! Marker can be hard to deal with, sanding it out is about all you can do, it will bleed through primer if you are painting.

  6. It is so nice to meet you. Thanks so much for stopping by. I too love brown but right now I am loving orange and yellow with it. Please stop by again.


  7. Thank you for the comment on my blog. I'm glad you stopped by! I love the chair. I would be tempted to fill those holes in the arms and stain or paint. The curve of the arm is beautiful!


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