Monday, November 11, 2019

12 Days of Christmas Day 1 Christmas Card Box

Hello, and welcome to my annual 12 Days of Christmas ideas posts. I look forward to sharing with you 12 different, easy DIY ideas for the holidays. 

This year I have decided to use Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils on ALL 12 projects.

Why you ask? No, I am not being paid to (although I do receive free product for sharing stencil ideas with you). No, Donna, the owner of Old Sign Stencils did not ask me to. No I am not being lazy by using the same thing. The reason why is, is I really do LOVE these stencils. I also want the ideas to be EASY and DOABLE and stencils make that possible. I want to share with you how creative you can be with a simple stencil. 

I also THINK I plan on using just two stencils on all 12 projects to show you how versatile they can be.  
Funky Junk Old Sign Stencils
and the Christmas Crates stencils.
Funky Junk Old Sign Stencils
Please note--the prices you see are in Canadian and convert to less in US dollars.
Also, once you see ALL the things you can do, you will see what a great value they are!

So, now that we have the intro to my 12 Days of Christmas, let's get on to the first project--a Christmas card holder or box.

12 Days of Christmas DIY
I started with a simple wood box from the thrift store. Mine was a Lane Cedar box, but the thrift store is full of small wood jewelry boxes or large wood recipe boxes. I painted mine red. I love red and white for Christmas, but when you mix the tow you get pink, which I have seen on a lot of crafter's projects. To avoid this, distress and clear coat the red BEFORE adding the white paint.
12 Days of Christmas DIY
I used the Christmas Crates stencil to add a few mail inspired images. I wrapped the Merry Christmas around the edge.
12 Days of Christmas DIY
Finish with a clear coat and you have a perfect place to put Christmas cards. It is fun to keep this on a coffee table for your family to enjoy. 
12 Days of Christmas DIY
The stenciled box would also be fun filled with old Christmas photos or special Christmas candies or use it for a centerpiece arrangement.

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