Sunday, December 22, 2019

Sunday Verses

devotional about choosing love over all else
Happy Sunday! As I headed out Friday to hopefully finish up my Christmas shopping, I vowed to remain cheerful and to spread joy despite the crowds and lines and traffic. Before I even made it to town I was giving a driver a thumbs down (as opposed to other hand gestures) for forcing me to the shoulder to avoid a head on collision with her because she was passing when it was not clear. Jesus calls us to do EVERYTHING in love. That includes driving, interacting with others, responding to those who anger us and hurt us. I fail at this daily. I am short with people, judge others harshly at times, spew impatience and irritation. This verse is becoming my mantra--it is short and the perfect one to tuck inside your heart and mind, to speak over yourself and others. Reminding ourselves to act in love, to CHOOSE love first will make our homes and workplaces and communities a little bit better and more peaceful.

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