Sunday, December 15, 2019

12 Days of Christmas Day 6 Christmas Tree Art

If you have been following along with my 12 Days of Christmas, you know that I am sharing ideas made with two of Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils.

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Funky Junk's Christmas Countdown Stencil
And when I chose the Christmas Bingo Stencil  (GET IT HERE)I promised to show you some fun ideas that aren't a countdown calendar at all. 
Here is one of those ideas that was born out of the need for something else on my Christmas gallery wall.
Old Sign Stencils for Christmas decor

I wanted something that was a portrait orientation, something that was a bit rustic with some wood, and some red, and some white. I chose a piece of barn wood with lovely, original barn red paint on it. I sprayed the board with clear coat so the red paint would not bleed before I stenciled the trees.
Stencil Easy Tree Art
Using chalk I marked the center of the board at the top and the bottom and then drew straight lines going across, spacing them two inches apart. Using the cute, little tree on the BINGO stencil, I started stenciling with the "trunk".  I then stenciled the widest or bottom row of the tree, aligning the middle tree up with the trunk. I stenciled across the chalk line I had drawn.
Stencil Easy Tree Art
For the next row, I placed the trees in between the trees below them. I continued this, working my way up the tree, I finished off the tree art stenciling the center Bingo square snowflake on top. Because I was not sure how tall the tree would end up, I waited to trim the ends of my barnwood board until I had finished stenciling the tree. 
Stencil Easy Tree Art
My Christmas gallery wall is not quite finished. TIP--take pictures of your decorating--you see holes and missteps better when you do. I love the natural, rustic "wreath" I created with a flat round basket and a few fresh pine branches and berries all tied on with a little ribbon.
When I share my final Christmas home tour, I will share a few more fun ideas from my gallery wall.  I love being able to create something that I "need"--having great supplies (paint, scrap wood, stencils) on hand makes it so much easier.

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