Sunday, December 29, 2019

Sunday Verses

invite others to the table
Happy Sunday! Our Christmas dinner was a small crew this year, no need for extra leaves in the table because there were only four of us. But, I made sure to let my kids know that if they had any friends who needed somewhere to celebrate Christmas, they were welcome to join us. We did have friends join us for our family's various Christmas Eve traditions. I have always said I would rather include than exclude. Jesus was definitely an includer. He ate with tax collectors, he invited prostitutes in, he welcomed cheaters and robbers to the table. We don't need to go across the ocean or even down to the local homeless camp (although you certainly can) to find people who are in need of a meal and companionship. There are hurting, down, or alone folks in our lives that are looking to spend time with others. This new year let's let go of perfection and expectations and simply invite some people to the table and into our lives. Pick up a take-n-bake pizza or box of ten tacos (actually, better make it twenty) and share your space with someone who might need some fellowship.

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