Sunday, December 1, 2019

Sunday Verses

Devotional on Loving Imperfect People
Happy Sunday! We are at the end of the Thanksgiving weekend and frankly, many people are feeling let down, frustrated, and exhausted. We have spent time with family and friends and for many, with people who are hard to love (if you aren't sure who the challenging one is, it might be you 😉). People are messy. Like snowflakes, each person in our lives is unique and sometimes that makes loving them hard. We struggle to understand how each one of us is wired differently. The only perfect love is God and the rest of us have to strive to love and accept others for the individuals that they are. If you are feeling let down, that is okay. Breathe, rest, and soak in Jesus' unconditional love. Continue to work (and it is work) to see the best in others and to actively love and appreciate their distinctive qualities.

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