Sunday, September 29, 2019

Sunday Verses

God Gives Us a New Song to Sing
Happy Sunday! Do you ever get a song stuck in your head? Typically, it will just be a line or two and it will repeat in my mind over and over and usually it is a song I don't even really like. Or, we put on repeat negative things that were said to us or about us, things that tell us we are not enough. God puts a song in each of our hearts--a song written specifically for each one of us. His song never shames, it doesn't put us down, it is light and full of love, a song of praise. Whatever negative thoughts you have running through your head, the chorus on repeat in your heart that weighs you down, give it to God. Tell him you are tired of singing that song that is not from him. Ask him to give you a new song, a song about his unconditional love for you, a song that reassures you that you are enough, a song that reminds you that are created in HIS image. Today, sing a new song.

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