Sunday, October 27, 2019

Sunday Verses

We Don't the Fruit on the Same Day we Plant the Seed
Happy Sunday! A few months my husband, daughter and I picked more than a gallon of huckleberries and froze them so that on cold mornings like today we can enjoy huckleberry pancakes. Huckleberry picking takes some patience. First, you have to know where to find the berries and that tends to be highly classified information in Montana. They grow close to the ground so you have to squat or stoop for long periods of time to pick huckleberries one at a time. Bears also enjoy huckleberries so you must remain vigilant with at-hand bear spray while gathering. But, oh, warm huckleberry pancakes on a snowy morning are a small slice of heaven and worth every bit of work and time. There is a saying that we don't eat the fruit the same day we plant the seed. Doing good, taking care of others, praying for something is often a delayed harvest. Like huckleberry picking, we need to be patient when doing good and trust that being kind and compassionate, selfless and altruistic will reap future fruit.

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