Sunday, February 7, 2021

Sunday Verses

God's Word Matters
Happy Sunday! The saying, "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words 
 can never hurt me" was one I grew up with. But, we all now know that this adage is certainly not true. We know that words hurt and heal, bring peace and strife. God's WORD and his words matter, so much so that his Word even became flesh when Jesus was born. While all of God's words are good and important, I do not want them to be hollow when I share them with you. When I share Bible verses, I want to be sure to not do so out of context and I do not want to use verses without letting you know how his words feed and speak to me. This verse tells us that God's WORD has purpose and is sovereign and will accomplish HIS goal of grace. Because I do not want to share something empty and something that can be misconstrued, I will not post every Sunday because honestly, sometimes I have nothing to say. When I do post, I hope to convey how much Jesus loves us, is for us, and how he walks with us in this crazy, hard, wonderfully wild ride called life. 

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  1. Words do hurt. They pierce deeply and leave jagged scars. They last forever.


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