Thursday, December 2, 2021

12 Days of Christmas Day 8 Simple Advent Centerpiece

12 Days of Easy Christmas Ideas

I have always loved the idea of recognizing and practicing Advent. Advent is a time to slow down, prepare, and wait. It is a time to remember peace and to reflect and it is often marked by the lighting of four candles on the four Sundays before Christmas. I wanted to make an advent candle centerpiece. I wanted something simple, elegant, natural. Some thrift store finds helped me create a unique, topiary style advent centerpiece. I have lots of ideas how you could change this to fit your decor and style.

Simple Elegant Advent Centerpiece
Simple Elegant Advent Centerpiece
I started with a candle pan or candle plate and some wire wreath rings from the thrift store. the battery operated tealights are also from the thrift store.
Thrift Store Finds for Christmas
After washing the candle plate, I decided to use some antique gold leafing on it. I love using leafing, although it is messy. I use Mod Podge glue and a saw brush to adhere the leafing.
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gold leafing
It was a bit splotchy so I added some antique gold Rub-n-Buff. I love this product--a little goes a long way and it adds a subtle metallic glow. You can get it HERE.
Simple Elegant Advent Centerpiece
I wired two wreath rings together. I added a little Rub-n-Buff to them to clean them up. 
Simple Elegant Advent Centerpiece
I hot glued the rings to the bottom of the tray. you could also use clay or poster putty. I added felt sprigs. TIP--separate holiday picks into individual pieces to make them go farther. You may need wire cutters, but they typically will just pull apart. I wired the picks to the rings.
Simple Elegant Advent Centerpiece
I hot glued some jute to pinecones and hung them from the wreath ring. I left the excess string hanging down because I liked the natural, organic look.
Simple Elegant Advent Centerpiece
I added fake snow in the candle pan and sprinkled the snow over all of it. Four battery operated candles complete the advent centerpiece. 
Simple Elegant Advent Centerpiece
It is simple, sweet and is great on a dining table or on a side table in your family room.
Simple Elegant Advent Centerpiece
There are lots of way you could personalize this:
*  Change the container it is in--a rusty pie plate, a wood pedestal, a milk glass cake stand
*  Use wood embroidery hoops, wrap wreath rings in jute or red and white ribbon
*  Use fresh greens on the top, fern leaves, or sticks and twigs
*  Hang pompoms, wood beads, glass balls, ornaments, candy canes
*  Use twinkle lights, one large battery operated candle. Add little trees, deer, houses in the candle pan.
Have fun, make it YOURS!


  1. I love this centerpiece. Such a creative project and that it can be used for different seasons is perfect. I can imagine a birds nest in it for Spring. It is really a magazine worthy centerpiece. Great job that has inspired me to move the pumpkins out of my farmhouse and change things up.
    Holiday Blessings.

  2. Fantastic idea!!! You are so creative. I love it!


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