Thursday, December 15, 2022

More of My Holiday Home 2022

Today, I am sharing more of my holiday home decor. I have a ton of pictures and I am going to try and keep descriptions to a minimum (maybe?). Let's start with my stockings.
Hanging Stockings
Please keep reading and LOOKING to see more.
I always struggle with the "where to hang the stockings" decision in this home. We do not have a normal fireplace or mantel. We do have a propane free standing stove in our great room so I this year I chose to hang the stockings by the chimney with care. These hang from the floor edge of our lofted library. I did add a little greenery by where they hang, but since the library railing is decorated with a beaded garland with bells and a pine garland with lights, I didn't think I needed much more here.
Stockings Made From Thrift Store Finds
The red stockings I made 6 or 7 years ago from a piece of boiled wool from the thrift store. I had six of them, but need seven stockings this year so I used a couple green and tan ones I made a couple Christmases ago. I also wanted to change up the cuffs on the red stockings from their farmhouse look to something earthier and warmer in the colors I am using this year. I cut off the old cuffs and sewed on new ones--sherpa, felted wool, and the satiny floral fabric cuff is made from a thrift store duvet cover I bought to cut up.
Warm and Cozy Stockings
I still need to add nametags to the stockings and when i figure those out, I will share here.
Vintage Wood Bar
So when I say great room, I mean one big room space. This space was one of the classrooms in our two room schoolhouse and it is large, with the lofted library on one end and the kitchen on the other. Opposite the TV/gallery wall and Christmas tree, behind the couch, sits this wood bar that I made.
Reclaimed Wood Bar
I made this last year from a wood box that was in our basement when we moved in. The room that the was in was the coal room that has a coal chute that was used when our home was a school. The front that you see here was the bottom of the box. It is made from tongue and groove wood. I tried to sell the bar at one sale, but it didn't sell so we moved it in here. We aren't big drinkers, but it is fun for entertaining. I craft at it often because I can sit at it and watch TV. It's also a great spot to set a buffet as our dining table is near it.
reclaimed wood Bar
I added legs and shelves. This is the back of the bar. 
Holiday Home Tour
I added a simple garland with ribbons and bells on the end across the front of the bar.
Garland and Bells and Ribbons
I already shared the wine vignette I put together for one end of the bar, HERE.
Decorating a Bar for Christmas
On the other side of the bar sits a round tray with bar accessories that I change up seasonally.
Christmas Bar Accessories
I put out some liquor bottles that we don't typically drink, but are good with hot Christmas drinks. I put out the copper mule mugs because their warm color is perfect with my Christmas decor. 
Vintage bar Accessories
I used gold Rub-n-Buff on a spice jar to hold some cute peppermint, glass, drink stirrers I thrifted.
Christmas Drink Stirrers
I found these wine bottle lights with the fake cork that has the on/off switch on it at Walmart. I put them in an amber bottle from the thrift store that I dressed up with bells, pine, and jute.
Wine Bottle Lights
In front of the round, thrift store tray sits a vintage shot glass holder, also a thrift store find, In the shot glasses sit three vintage German bottle stoppers that move. I got these out of  a free box at a garage sale.
Holiday Home Tour

Great room Bar
The bar sits near the lofted library steps. There are built in shelves on the library stair wall that give me another fun are to decorate for Christmas. 
How to Style Christmas Shelves
I kept the decor simple and didn't replace all of my normal decor. I kept my key Christmas decorating words in mind: simple, elegant, warm, organic, earthy.
Holiday Home Tour
Three little trees that I bought after Christmas for 90% off were placed in three different thrift store containers. Three battery operated tealight candles are in thrifted green goblets. I used old books to add height, leather bound ones for an organic feel.
Holiday Home Tour
A painting my daughter did in high school of our favorite walking spot in the winter, the Missouri Headwaters always sits on the back wall of the shelf, A silver lantern house with a battery operated candle sits in a corner, After painting it gold, I hot glued three bottle brush trees to the inside and tied ribbon to the top loop. A $3 thrift store mercury glass candle that is unscented (important to check smell) sits among some drift wood and faux greenery.
Holiday Home Tour
I used a 75 year old Christmas card that belonged to my great grandmother in the display. I also placed a handmade card from my sister-in-law in the mirror by the trees.
Vintage Christmas card
On the second shelf I displayed photos from Christmas pasts. The happy Santa baby is my Hubby. My father-in-law and his siblings are in the black and white photo.
Holiday Home Tour
The polaroid photo of hubby sits on a vintage hanger that came in a grab bag of junk.
Holiday Home Tour
The ukulele was made by my middle child and he can play it.  I made this Christmas shadow box from a clock several years ago (You can see it HERE)
Holiday Home Tour
The chippy white was so not my style this year, but I still loved it so I painted it green and gold.
Christmas Shadow Box
It sits on the bottom shelf with child sized, green, wooden shoes that hold candy canes.

I have a few more holiday bits of my home to share, but that is plenty for today. I hope you have enjoyed getting a peek into my home, I have loved sharing it with you.

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  1. What a beautiful place you have made! How awesome that it was a school house before yall made it into your home!!!
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