Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentines, Check

Got the valentines done--all 40 of them (20 for my preschoolers, 20 for my daughter).  I used this adorable idea from How Does She.  I used M-n-M's instead of the hearts--chocolate makes everything better. 
I learned a few things.  Use a freezer ziploc bag--I could get 6 plastic pieces from 1 gallon bag--sandwich bags were too thin.  It would have been better to have the printing up higher on the card, so you could see the name better.  I didn't discover this until after printing them all, so oh well.  When sewing the maze part, just move your machine to the different places rather than cutting the thread after each line sewn, it is faster.

Also, my daughter turned 8 this past weekend.  She got new ice skates. I love this picture of her skating--so free. 


  1. Your daughter looks adorable on her new skates! And those Valentines...cute, cute,cute!

  2. Where's her coat? She must be freezing!!!!

  3. valentines are so darn cute!!
    your daughter is beautiful and looks so carefree!! her face uplifted toward the sky is pure joy. i bet she didnt even feel the cold. :)

  4. Cute idea for Valentine's...I love that photo too. She looks like she is in seventh heaven!!

  5. I can't imagine living somewhere that it would actually be worth it to own your own set of ice skates. And that really is a great picture.

  6. I wish I had access to a pond to skate on. I would love to feel that freedom - to just skate - to experience and thrill it offers. You daughter looks like she is really enjoying herself.
    Thanks for having the link party.

  7. So cute!!!

    The cards and your little girl! :)

  8. I am saving this for when my daughter is old enough to give out valentines! It is so clever!


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