Friday, February 5, 2010

Candle Holder or Something Else?

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I had so much fun coming up with different ideas for the step ladder that I thought I'd try it again with a different object for project #13.  I started with a $1 candle holder from the thrift store (ignore the dust on it please).
How about have a little fun in the bathroom and use it to make the lowly extra roll of tp look special?
I know you have all seen the dessert stands made from a plate and candlestick.  This is a temporary one.  Use some scotch double stick tape on the top of the candle holder and one of your plates--it holds well.

Works great on a desk, helps keep flat surfaces clutter free by elevating your supplies.
And it makes a bottle of wine on a buffet stand out.
I added a dowel (secured with the double stick tape or glue for a permanent fix) and it becomes a ribbon holder (remove the cardboard circles on the ribbon, secure ribbon with a piece of tape)
or to hold bracelets.
What fun ideas to you have for a candle holder?

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  1. Very inventive. Who would have thought all the uses for a simple candleholder.

  2. Love your inspiring post today! All fun ideas, but actually we could really use something like this in the bathroom, for our own "tp"!!.. Stopping by to let you know that I tried your Cherry Kisses cookies today, and the recipe is a KEEPER! Easy, and delicious.. Every batch PERFECT!!.. So I thought I would just say thanks again! ~tina

  3. Last summer I actually bought a wooden candlestick holder that the original owners had used to hold their toilet paper. They had affixed a fat dowl rod (about an inch or two wide) to the top of the candle stick and wha-la! TP holder! I grabbed so many ideas from your post! Thanks!

  4. You've just opened a whole new world for candlesticks! Great ideas! Thanks for the link!

  5. Fabulous ideas, some I never would have thought of! I especially like it as a ribbon/jewelry holder.

  6. definately something else! lol... great ideas!

  7. Love the toilet paper holder!
    And jewelery holder.
    How fun!!

    Thanks for coming over and for hosting.

    Hope you got signed up for my giveaway.

    barbara jean

  8. I love it for bracelets!

    I also love the tp idea. That would be great for an extra roll when you have a party. Then guests don't have to be worried about running out & it is a cute display :)


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