Friday, February 26, 2010

I Was Inspired By...

I am starting a new Friday feature (at least I think I am--we will give it a trial run) where I feature something I have made that was inspired by one of your fabulous blogs!
This week I was inspired by the ever creative Drab To Fab girls.  They truly live up to their name--turning some of the most hideous objects into fabulous pieces.
Look at the maaahvelous chair redo:
and this one:
And this beauty was once a metal filing cabinet covered in stickers.
I was inspired by these decoupaged books that they embellished with junk.  Their version:
And mine:
repurposed books

repurposed books
Thanks girls for the great idea--I look forward to your posts and future inspiring creations!  Who will inspire me next...
Keep on linking up over the weekend (see post below)--lots of fun ideas and inspiration there!

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  1. I like how your books turned out better than theirs!!

  2. I love the book w/ the spoon! And how fab is that pink chair..wowzas! Sounds like a good Friday feature idea.

  3. Love the spoon idea! Totally fabulicious! Thanks so much for featuring us! We feel so privileged! Have a fab day~ Now to go dig out some old spoons I am definitely doing that idea! Thanks!

  4. Love the look of your books! You did a great job.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. The books look great. Scuse me for being nosy, but are these books for looks ? Or are they covers of book s that you like?
    Curiouse mines etc.

  6. I love those decoupaged books! YOU have inspired me!!

  7. I love those books too!!! I saw those the other day and they are definitely on my to do list! Yours look awesome - love the key and the spoon!

    Jen @ Noting Grace

  8. Great idea!
    I am certainly inspired by a lot of bloggers out there.
    Now, do I dare join in on another MEME?

    Will have to see about that. =0)


    barbara jean

  9. Becky,

    Love your books!
    What a great idea.


    barbara jean

  10. oh my word. That cabinet, those books!! just fantabulous! be still my over beating heart!!

  11. Such fun finds...and I LOVE those books. I think I feel a project coming on today for my kitchen. You know how I love spoons and forks dangling here and there in my kitchen. Now I have something to do with the spoon that got stuck in the disposal last night....mount it on an old cookbook. Fabulous!
    Thank you!

  12. I agree...your have a certain eye candy love!

  13. There is a surprise for you on my blog!

    :o) Courtney

  14. This looks like so much fun! I gotta come up with something before Friday gets here!

    Thanks for the sweet comments yesterday.

    Lee Laurie


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