Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Junky Fashion

I have been loving all of the refashions I have seen all over blog land (check out Ruffles and Stuff).  Decided I need to try my hand at it.  I started with a $1.50 thrift store sweater (Am I cheap if I usually wait until 1/2 price day to buy stuff at the thrift store?).  I bought an XXL so I'd have extra fabric.  I pinned the sides (my pins went with my son on the tomato pin cushion, so I had 8 to work with.

 I sewed down the sides.  I trimmed the sides.  I cut a hole in the sweater.  I sewed down the sides again.  I CAREFULLY trimmed the sides.  (Incentive to lose that final 10 pounds now that the sweater is slimmer than planned.)  I cut strips from the side pieces and sewed a basting stitch down the middle.
I gathered the strips and pinned them on the sweater and sewed them.
And there you have it.  I am happy with my first refashion attempt.  (Scary, end of the day, ready for jammies, self portrait photo)
I also spied this denim bracelet in Lucky Magazine.  See the $118 price tag?

Here is my version, easy peasy!  Rip some strips from old jeans, hot glue around a thrift store bangle, and then hot glue a thrift store or in my case, broken necklace around the bangle.  My bangle cost $1.
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  1. too cute...love it. Found you through my blissdom roomie - Kimba

  2. Hey, great job!! I love it! I should start buying bigger for extra fabric!! And I'm so with you on the cheap thing. Thrift stores aren't always good prices!
    P.S. Thanks for the link! :o)

  3. Very lovely! I just love the sweater :)

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  4. Love the cardie, it is so cute! It looks good on you!
    The bangle is cute too, its amazing how they can get away with those prices, I like yours better!

  5. Oh my! totally adorable.

    Hey thanks for your encouragement yet again on my announcement. We are excited about what God may have in store for us.

    Love your creative spirit

  6. You did such a great job on the sweater! It turned out super cute, and it's a great color!!

  7. EW! Denim! That's fab! I just put some denim in my fabric drawer...hmm.
    Your shirt is beautiful! I really really want to try my hand at refashioning with ruffles...a shirt...I still have yet to try it...But I will...I promise.

  8. Don't be afraid! I love your sweater and the bracelet.

    How did you keep the sweater fabric from fraying?

  9. Wow I love how your sweater refashion turned out, I have to get my hands on a sewing machine, There's so many fabulous things you can make with it. Thank you for your comment on my blog, and thanks for the opportunity to link, it is wonderful especially when your new to the blogging world like me! :) I'd be utterly honored if you featured my headband holder!

  10. That couldn't be any cuter!!! I love it, I may have to try it too!

  11. That color pink looks excellent on you. With a snip and tuck and a ruffle or two you really made a plain sweater look very stylish. You made it look so-sew easy to do too.

  12. That is darling! Love it - I have to make one too!

  13. Love your refashion! Nice work! I love when you can actually find something cheap at a thrift shop...they are certainly not thrifty sometimes!

  14. I LOVE how that shirt turned out, WAY cute!

  15. That is the coolest way to refashion a sweater!! Brilliant idea! Thanks for the link...and you look great!

  16. I recently did this with one of my old cardigans that was boring. I love it! I love how it brings new life to something old. Very cute!

  17. Hey thanks for showing me the link! You got some talent lady!! Love the cardigan.


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