Friday, May 25, 2012

Prairie Sisters Recap

I realized I never did show you pictures from Prairie Sisters that I attended nearly a month ago.  The Prairie Sisters are so sweet and shared great hospitality with us.  This is the first years they have been putting on shows and wow, they do it right!  The show was held in the great old barn buildings at the Missoula County fairgrounds.
In typical Montana fashion, it had been 80 the previous week, only in the 40's the day of the show (speaking of, 3-6 inches of snow are in the forecast for tonight).   But, we layered up and stayed warm for the most part.  I sell with a dear friend, Tina, so this is OUR booth.  Here is a post about our beginnings.  As you can see, our space was packed!
And here is an after picture.  The potting bench sold, it just hadn't been picked up yet.  The ladders and shutters were props and the cupboard back and things in the corner on the left belonged to the lady next to us. Yep, I would say it was a successful sale!
Here are a few pictures form my employers, The Antique Barn.

So yes, it was a fun and fantastic day and we will be returning to Prairie Sisters!


  1. Love your blog. I paint on old windows and have a Facebook page of them. Please visit my page "Window Charm by Annalisa" and don't forget to click liked.

  2. Awesome pictures Becky and we are so glad that you did so well! You sold almost EVERYTHING! AMAZING!! See you next time!


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