Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My First ASCP Encounter

A few months ago I was thrilled to learn I won a giveaway on the sweet Miss Mustard Seed's blog.  The fabulous giveaway from the DC Metro area ASCP stockist included: 2 quarts of ASCP paint in colors chosen by the winner, one can of clear wax and one of dark wax, the New Waxwell wax brush, Annie’s new Craqueleur System and an Annie Sloan apron.  There were some shipping issues and after a few attempts the dear and helpful Celeste from Catfish Creative Furnishings (isn't that a fun name?) personally packed up my winnings and shipped them out.

Picking colors was a challenge and I ended up choosing Louis Blue and Coco.  Celeste let me pick a few sample pots as well, and for those I chose Antibes Green and Barcelona Orange.  Here is what arrived on Saturday (the crackle system and apron are in another box that haven't come yet)--look at those beautiful brushes:
A friend had given me this little side table.  It was in decent condition, had about 4 or 5 layers of paint.  I did lightly sand a few gouges out of the top.
I used the Louis blue.  It went on smoothly, dried quickly (despite the snow and raining that were falling), and covered the white paint in one coat.  I sanded it with an electric sander and I was over the top with how it sanded on this piece--a perfectly beachy, weathered look.  I have tried homemade chalk paint and while it seems to stick to many surfaces, it did not sand up this like the real stuff does.  
However, I had also painted a fairly glossy cupboard door and pretty much all of the paint sanded off.  I am not sure if I didn't allow it to dry long enough--I have not found much on the internet on cure time.  I also read on the wax can where you should wax, sand and then wax again to have more control over the sanding--but I am all about saving time and if I have to do this I don't see how it is different from using a primer.  I am going to repaint the cupboard door and let it sit a bit longer than I did.  I also see many videos with people hand sanding, but hand sander I am not.  I then applied the clear wax, let it dry and buffed it as directed.
The finish is so smooth and beautiful.  I was happy to see a little red pop through from the previous owner.  

I adore how the finish feels and the quick drying time and if money wasn't an issue, then yes, ASCP would be my paint of choice.  However, because money is an issue, the jury is out.  I will love using the cans I have and will probably continue to have some on hand (currently no one stocks it in my area) for some projects, but until I get discovered :) and make a little more cash, I will not be able to use it on everything and will save it for the glossy, challenging pieces.  In the meantime, I will continue to have loads of fun playing with the paint--I can't wait to do some color mixing!


  1. I love the table! I've been meaning to leave you some comments, you come up with the best DIY projects! Celeste is awesome and a good friend {we're in the same shop!} and I buy lots of the paint from her and she buys lots of project paint pieces of furniture from me!

  2. You can make your own chalk paint with the paint you already have. I haven't tried it, but am hoping to soon. I got a recipe on pinterest!

  3. My bad...didn't read the whole post...you talked about homemade chalk paint...sorry..LOL

  4. First Washi Tape and now chalk paint... I have to get this and try it out. Thanks for making it look so good.


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