Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer "Mantel" & Old Faded Book Page Flag

It is almost the 4th of July (okay, 2 weeks away, but that is pretty darn close) to almost and that means it is time to decorate for the fourth.  So last night while not sleeping I came up with this giant flag idea for my "mantel", aka, shelf.
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I drew stars on old book pages and watercolored them blue.  Some of the blank pages I watercolred red (which comes out pink or faded red as I like to call it).

I added some barnwood trim to a 3'x4' bulletin I had picked up at a garage sale.  I attached the trim with brad nails.
Next, you simply staple the book pages in place.
summer, flag, 4th of July, summer, vintage, books,
I would have liked one more row of red and I could have turned the pages the other way, but oh well, I am happy with it this way too.
summer, 4th of July, old books, red, white, and blue, flag, mantel,
Some other fun touches for my summer mantel include a vintage picnic basket with painted spindles on it, an old camera, and a red metal pipe fitting.
picnic basket, summer mantel, spindle, red, white, blue,
In the other corner I added a red, sort of white, and blue book, my favorite little red cowboy boots and some Montana driftwood.
summer, red white an blue, old books, driftwood, cowboy boots,
I love the fresh look for summer!
flag, summer, 4th of July, red, white, and blue,


  1. What a great idea for a flag--Love it!

  2. To me, the best of ideas come right before i doze off and looks like it's true for you too. What a superb idea to make that flag. Like the look!

  3. Love your flag idea.

    I set out some 4th of July displays this morning. It is fun to be seeing great ideas on blogs for the holiday.

  4. What a great look! I really love this

  5. I love this look and have a pile of old books that need a new life. Thanks!


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